Friday 3 August 2018

Hand stitching and gathering lavender in ....

The air was fragrant with a thousand trodden
aromatic herbs, with fields of lavender and
with the brightest roses blushing in tufts
 all  over the meadows .....

William C Bryant.

Everything this year is early with the hot summer days and our watering system keeping the earth damp and healthy.  It is only the start of August but our lavender is drying so it was time to start picking it in and cutting back the lavender bushes for next years growth.  Our roses are on there third budding and with the winds at the weekend some rose petal blew around the garden like confetti at a wedding.... the smell in the air in our garden is what summer should always smell like.  It is peaceful and tranquil and a pleasure to spend time in.

This morning early I went gathering in some lavenders and I will do some more later.  We have four big lavender bushes and they all need to be picked it.  I will get it all off and put it in a bag to use in pillows but some will hand in its dried state on its stems on our airier in the kitchen .... with rosemary and mint to keep it company...

Today is Friday can you believe and I have some errands to run, post office, photographer and dress maker.  This will not be too long and I am going early so the rest of the day will lie before me with some wonderful slow stitching to complete.  The weather is gorgeous if not hotter again but in the shade of our umbrella it is pleasant and I can watch the antics of the wildlife after the midday sun has gone.  Late afternoon I will feed them again and refill their water baths and they come down for a splash about and it is wonderful to watch.

Also I really need to finish covering some buttons for two dresses.  I have embroidery to do on them
but Debbie thinks I should complete that when they are finished so I will go with her knowledge, dress making and me do not gel so I go with her expertise.  It seems I may be wearing one to the Cotswold's vintage fair but without embroidery this time.... Still I am so pleased one will be ready from her in time for a summer outing.

Sitting covering buttons is a very calming and lovely pastime so I will be doing that out of the midday sun myself today.

With my list, journals and basket of slow stitching the rest of the day has a plan after the errands and I
can not wait to sit and be productive. Yesterday I went through my hand dyed shaker threads as I like to do.  I got them out and then sat happily with the box on my lap in my cosy chair in the sewing room.  I could sit there for ages doing that.  Still I got out what I needed and and lovingly put back what was not needed this time.  I have a list sellotaped in the inside lid and I cross off what I take out and so I know what will be needed to be ordered when the time comes.

Life in the slow lane is good right now with long summer days and warm summer nights and so good to sit and stitch and sketch.

I want to go and stretch my legs after work and walk down by the sea, when the hoards of holiday makers are leaving then I go down and watch the ocean and the quietness that come over the beach ... apart from seagulls who wander around looking for discarded sandwich crusts for their supper.

This weekend unlike the last one is set to be gorgeous weather and that pleases me as my husband being in an office all week gets to have fresh warm summer air.  I have planned breakfasts in the garden and hopefully we can go out for a bumble along in the forest or the beach . I am looking forward to being able to do more myself this weekend as my back is easing nicely and a lovely stroll will do it the world of good.

The visit to my mum went well as my sister, niece and I walked into mums room with a armful of goodies for her she was sat on her sofa and the double doors into the garden were open, she turned her head and smiled at us ... good start, and the relief on our faces must have been apparent.
We said hello and gave her kisses.  She kept looking at what we had with us.  She smiled as she had a
bunch of roses for her vase, more bird seed and peanuts for her bird feeder and squirrel feeders and we set about filling those up.  Then her favourites we filled up her sweet jar and opened up some shortbread biscuits.  We had been to Costa and bought us all drinks and she loves a latte so it was a great start.  I then said I had bought her a new toothbrush in and she was very pleased.... she has always looked after her teeth and that has not stopped at all.  More shower gel and body lotion came out and face creams as we had known she was getting low... she was happy and content and although we spoke to her she answered but it was jumbled.  We smile at her and say of course mum or ok we can do that for you if you like.... and she then relaxes and is happy.  The two hours with her was a good and lovely visit and the medication is working it seems.  It was a relief.  Also my sister had picked her up two new summer skirts and tops to match and she liked those as well.

I feel better for seeing mum in high spirits and not as confused, it made the two hours happy and by the time we left she had started to have enough she was tired and so we said we would be back soon and she smiled and was happy with her one to one carer and going to watch some television.

This has set me up for a good weekend and knowing her siblings are visiting this weekend she will be happy and content herself.

So today is about stitching in the garden in this gorgeous weather and just popping out later to the post office again.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the sun shines for you wherever in the world that you live. I will see you back here on Monday to catch up and as always ........

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Yes I like to do things early too. Earlier out to do things earlier home to "play". Glad to hear your mum is OK this week.

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      Oh you made me smile! Yes Mum was calmer so it was a much nicer visit.
      You have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the family.
      Take care

      Sarah xxxxxxxx

  2. Love the colours and names of the Shaker threads, beautiful.
    So pleased that your mum was calmer and she must have felt all the love that you brought into her room. It's amazing how our days are dependant upon the health of those we love, now you can really enjoy your weekend knowing that mum is content.
    Hope you will have fair weather for your dress at the Cotswold Fair.
    Love D xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Yes the visit was calmer and it’s helped me relax more for sure.
      Ah the Shaker Threads, my love of them knows no bounds. πŸ˜‚
      Oh I hope so too but you know, I am wearing it anyway! Lol
      Hope you have a great weekend ..
      Sarah xxx

  3. Enjoy your weekend.
    It has rained steadily here much of the week. Next week's forecast is be better!
    How far do you cut your lavender back??
    Threads...we have so many gorgeous ones here in the states.

    1. Morning Lora
      We have full sun and it’s set for the next few weeks it seems .. I love that it’s eating alfresco weather .. spend too much time indoors in England generally..
      oh Threads I’m States .. gorgeous but Shaker ones are my fav!
      Have a wonderful weekend Lora

      Sarah πŸƒπŸŒΌπŸƒ

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