Tuesday 21 August 2018

Little stitches and still in the garden.

Autumn, my very soul rejoices in it but not just yet!

A few people have said to me that they can feel Autumn on its way,  and you all know its my favourite season but I am so not ready yet.  Firstly we have an annual airshow in our home town and the beach is packed and people flock to see the Red Arrows and it is always hot and sunny.  I know with the hot summer and the lack of water some of the trees look like they are changing and a few leaves lay on the ground but I believe it is just that - lack of water.

My first sign of Autumn/Fall is the arachnids that make webs everywhere and they have a stripe on them, there is dew on the grass every morning and these things are just not present here right now, for a start we do not have grass just hay like sprigs!  It is 23 degrees here on the South Coast today and that is such a great heat.  I keep thinking people think summer is over because its not 32 degrees as it was ( then they were all fading from heat exhaustion) No I have decided its still summer just now .....

It has got me thinking of Autumn though and those gorgeous pumpkin soups I make and the apple crumbles ( apple crisp if you are reading in the States) also the pumpkin and Cinnamon spices .. now see they have got me at it!!

My stitching this week however may turn that way to Autumnal designs and my journal will be looked at for things I have sketched and ideas in the margins but very possibly I will want to add to it so that may happen very soon.

I also feel cinnamon is not just for Autumn/Winter as I drink cinnamon tea on a regular basis and I love it.

There is a time in the last few days of summer 
when the ripeness of autumn fills the air.

 Rudolfo Anaya

I have not yet got to the above stage but I am getting ready for it by the end of this month.  Although
we have another fabulous vintage fair to go and our last summer bank holiday yet.  It is the Dorset Brocante and it is held at the wonderful Deans Court in Wimborne.  The lovely Sally runs this and I can not wait to catch up with her and see how her summer has been.

We had a most lovely  weekend in the Cotswold's and stayed in Bumble Bee cottage which was outstanding.  Everything had been thought of even down to fresh jug of milk in the fridge and a container of fresh coffee beans as well.  There was bottles of water and biscuits along with some tea. The cottage was beautiful and the bed was so very comfy, it is always important because all love our own beds and pillows and when we go away we sometimes struggle with being somewhere different.  We slept so well although the Saturday evening we probably could have slept on a log as it was a fun
and late night with a little bit of falling down water .... I mean just look at these fresh peach Bellini's how can you resist!

The fair was really beautiful as it always is and meeting up and catching up with dear friends is what I did mostly I can tell you.  I will collate the photos that I remembered to take and let you have a little visual wander around later in the week.

The drive there was really lovely and the Cotswold's is truly England at its best.  The houses and cottages and countryside just so very relaxing and truly beautiful to look upon.  I did not want it to end and could have very easily stayed there for a week..

We also visited Stow on the Wold and it is a beautiful Cotswold town with such gorgeous architecture and beautiful shops and cafes.  We went into a few cafes to have drinks and in one there was a little courtyard and there were baby robins coming up to get some food crumbs from tables... of course
who ordered a piece of cake just to crumble up for them... yes you guessed it!  not to say my husband and I did not have a mouthful each to try the delicious apple and almond cake, it was divine .. so say us and the robins!

A garden must combine the poetic and the
mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.
 Luis Barragan

We are still in the 21 degrees and above here on the South Coast and it is a nicer heat than the early thirties that we had for months.  It is warm and inviting in the garden and I just have to get back into work mode.  It is another long weekend coming up as well because is is our final summer bank holiday weekend coming up so another short week again.  This time though we are at home.  The Dorset Brocante is just down the road for us so around 8 miles away.

Maybe I will do a little more in the way of treasure hunting this time, you will be shocked at what I actually bought, well shocked at how little on what it was I found when I did a little truffling.
Mostly talking and catching up.

Still I will talk about that later in the week when I have collated the photos ready to do a Cotswold's special!

That is it for today and my birdies were pleased to see me, they did get fed but it is always a shock to them when it is not me doing the feeding or sat at the table with them.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you both had the perfect weekend!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Such fun Sarah!! The weather is perfect for August. 🍑🍑month here...love them.

    Enjoy the beautiful day💥💥

    Loved the read!!

  3. so lovely (as always) to see you both on Saturday. The Cotswolds Fair was fabulous and very busy from the moment we opened! xx

  4. It all sounds so perfect. Such a sweet cottage. My head is even farther ahead than autumn but I won't say where or people will groan heavily. If I don't start making things now they won't get made.... so..... I have a craft drawer that smells beautifully of cinnamon and lots of red things reside in that drawer....but don't tell anybody.
    As you know, I have been in self imposed exile from Facebook today and I'm feeling like I've been sent to Coventry. I don't think this is going to last very long!!!!
    Love D xxx

  5. Goodness, what a heavenly weekend you have had. As you know, we were not able to attend this time as just too much going on. I am taking a stall at my first Vintage Fair - it is over two days and is in a gorgeous artists town called Kirkcudbright, just along the coast from us, some 30 miles. I spent two days setting up a mock stall and then pricing each item. Then had to pack it all away again. I am both excited and terrified. I shall let you know how I get on - the fair is this weekend. Enjoy the Dorset Brocante.
    Love, Mo xxx

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