Thursday 2 April 2020

A new beginning

........ And suddenly you just know it’s time to start again and trust

The magic of new beginnings.........

It has been a hugely difficult 19 months. My lovely mum is still with us and as of this moment her care home is Corona virus free thank goodness.

However my husband left me in August 2018.  It broke me quite frankly.

I have had to sell the family home and have moved to ‘Thimble Cottage’  in Dorset.  I am still unpacking boxes as you can imagine and also with this nasty virus about some things have been unable to be finished, like the carpet in my ‘Threads of time studio’  where I will work from and also will be taking work shops as and when we can all be sociable again.

My joy of stitching is returning and I have been designing and have actually picked up a needle again.  Those of you who have supported me through this difficult time I can only thank you so much and that I can sleep and eat and smile again because of your support and love I can only say how utterly grateful I am to you all.

So now it is new beginnings and I am so looking forward to blogging again all be it now and again for now.  I am excited to be starting my stitching and love of vintage again.  Unpacking my beautiful fabrics and threads has been exciting and emotional at times.

One of my greatest sadnesses was leaving and saying goodbye to Miss Muddy Beak! she would not understand my absence and I miss her terribly, however since I have moved in this month a Mr Muddy Beak has joined me in the garden at Thimble and I have hope that I will be able to strike up the same sort of trust with him and he will become tame and talkative as Miss Muds was with me.  In the end she would fly onto my hand ..

Life must go on, I have been told and my love and enjoyment of slow stitchery, vintage fabrics and threads has won and shone through.

The tales of Thimble Cottage and The Threads of Time Studio will begin the new chapter in my personal and sewing life and has begun in earnest.

It has been fun choosing paint colours and general decoration.  I have a good sized studio and a personal sewing room here and the feelings of happiness and joy at the prospect of getting back to who I am and discovering what I personally love to do have bitten me like a bug.

The cottage has a wonderful feeling about it and is aptly named, I fell in love with it the moment I walked through the garden gate, I cant explain really.

The kitchen had to be moved about to incorporate a range and a Victorian dresser for all my vintage china. Plastering of walls and a door filled in that seemed useless to me has been completed.  Paint colours chosen and applied.  A new bathroom with a bath on legs all in whites and duck eggs  has been fitted by great friends and to say I am thrilled and grateful is a understatement.

Through the post I have received cards, flowers and a beautiful little stitchery of Thimble Cottage from the gorgeous Vintage Dahling and stitched by the lovely and talented Suzi hearts n Kisses.  It has taken pride of place in the porch...

I have to wait to unpack the studio as my carpet was cancelled due to the virus, I understand it but its very frustrating when you want to unpack and place beautiful things in the dresser in there.

New friendships have been formed and I have met some amazing people who I wish to thank too.

I have been designing and done a little stitching as well the added happiness is finally taking work shops later in the year and meeting some of you I hope as well when this nasty virus is under control and we are able to get together to stitch, chatter and spend time with one another.

Glad to be back and hope that you will all join me on this new life and chapter in my life, I have missed you very much and the emails I have received asking when I will return have basically made me do this.  It has been a hard thing to do.

I will be doing blogs as and when for a while, whilst I get sorted and working in earnest.  I found my needles and some gorgeous fabrics that I had forgotten about.

So for now I will sign off and I hope to see you all back here soon.

Sarah XX


  1. Glad to see you back Sarah. I look forward to hearing all about this new chapter. I'll have to get your new address so I can send some happy mail.

  2. Oh yes Tracy! Messenger me.
    Good to be back .
    Hope you are well x

  3. Thrilled to see this. Stay safe in England...savor the settling and unpacking. A dear friend across the pond. 🌷🌷

    1. Thank so much. I am looking forward to sharing my ramblings again.
      Stay safe too.. xx

  4. Thimble Cottage what a lovely name, perfect for a needlewomen.

    Julie xxxxx

  5. Thank you Julie. It is perfect for me.

  6. I wish you love laughter and happiness as you tread this new path in your life. Love your blog, keep safe and well. Very best wishes.

    1. Thank you Ann, Glad you enjoy my ramblings and for your kind wishes πŸ₯€

  7. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have returned. You have been missed. Mo xxxx

  8. so wonderful that you are back stitching and enjoying your delightful sounding new home, much love xxx