Friday 24 April 2020

Inspiration blooms at Thimble Cottage.

There's a thought in my heart
that words will not say.
But for your kind friendship
I'm thankful today.
In this uncertain time in the world and with the lock down, the above words feel appropriate.  I am grateful for all the kind friendships that have formed on this little blog and the lovely messages I receive on here and on private messages, I am truly thankful to each and everyone of you.
I have been designing courses for when the lockdown has stopped and the Threads of Time Studio can open its doors.  I have had so much interest including local people here where I live.  When I moved in to Thimble I met a lovely lady called Lottie and she has also expressed interest in not only coming to courses with some friends but renting the studio herself to take courses for different things she makes and designs.

Weather here in Dorset has been perfect and to sit outside with my trusty sketch and ideas journal ( started a new one) has been bliss.  Inspiration on my walks daily has inspired and pushed me on to stop looking for my companion set!
The little garden at Thimble has my fruit trees along the fence in pots waiting to be planted.  They are the smaller varieties that I did not plant at my previous home.  I have two apple trees and two Victoria plums and they have full and beautiful blossom on them right now.  The little birds come along and perch on them when I am sat out there.  I have also brought along my small fig tree and I am going to pop that into a larger pot because they can grow huge and the sun would not reach my garden then in a few years so I have decided to keep it that way instead.

I have been displaying and taking photos of things I have made and little photos for on here too. Life at the moment is happy and busy.  I do miss meeting up with friends though for a coffee but that will be back when we can safely go out and socialise once more.  Until then its phone calls and FaceTime
catchups which has been fabulous, thank goodness for technology that's all I can say.  In addition there is the letter writing and receiving of letters through the post which is delicious.  Curled up in the garden reading and re-reading with a cold drink and the quiet of the world right now, not a plane trail in the sky or traffic noise .. just bird song!

The sad news is the Covid-19 has reached my Mums care home.  Only 6 cases who have been moved to hospital but still it has scared myself and my sister.  They have separated the 3 floors so only certain staff work on each level and each one of those has its own entry and exit door.  My Mum is lucky as she has a garden room so she gets to wander outside.  I have not seen her in 8 weeks now and I do miss her.  I did FaceTime her but she was more interested in the rather large piece of chocolate cake that she was munching on!  Can you blame her?!!

I have been going through my antique pieces of lace, buttons and fabrics.  Also have started to put away some bits in a drawer unit as well.  Deciding how to arrange my personal sewing and office space has been fun.  I want it to look different as well so things go in and out and displays moved and played with.  The excitement of each box I open and find some gorgeous things inside.  Chatting away to bits of exquisite fabrics, truly good job I am not over heard some might think me mad, others of us will understand completely talking to our vintage bits of happiness ….

Slow stitching in the garden has commenced as well.  I have a few baskets ready for projects as I unpack and find things.

Some news too, that tomorrow on Instagram The Vintage Bazaar is holding a vintage fair on there with the stall holders that would have been there if it could have gone ahead as usual.  It starts at 10am and I will be on there looking and catching up with some of them too.  So try to pop in virtually and see if you can see some beautiful vintage pieces to purchase yourself.  This way actually anyone can attend from a chair in the garden or curled up inside.  I think it is a fabulous idea of the Liz and Clare!  although I do miss seeing them. Things will be posted out when purchased and I think it will be great fun.  In addition you will be able to find some gorgeous vintage goodies tomorrow that will come through your post box!  So please have a look.

I found and unpacked my antique typewriter which is an old black and gold Imperial.  So that is great for mixed media pieces when I would like to add some words instead of stitched ones on occasions and also good for my journaling and letter writing as well.  It adds a different dimension on occasions.  That has been lovingly placed.  The memory attached to it is a good one and it does make me smile, even though tinged with some sadness.

Hand stamps and inks along with silk threads, hand dyed threads and my box of dried and pressed flowers have surfaced from stacked boxes.  All the little things that make Thimble my home. 

Calligraphy pens, quills and spools it is all part of what makes me, ME and I try to do a few hours each morning then go on with my stitching.

As much as I love being on here talking to you all I must away and getting threading my needles.  I hope some of you join in on the virtual VB tomorrow and that you all stay very safe too.

As always Happy Stitching!  until the next time.

Sarah XX



  1. Good morning Sarah...enjoy the fair. I have been stitching too. Mostly Wool applique. I have also been doing the hexes too...I love your vintage piece pictured. I have been working on one with reproduced rings from the Civil War Era. I do have a Grandmother's Flower Garden that my Grandmother made and it was hand quilted. Full size. 💕💕 Enjoy your weekend. Lora xoxo

    1. Morning Lora
      Thank you, fair being virtual you could take a peek too!
      How wonderful having a family heirloom quilt! How perfect. 💕
      Applique wool pictures are stunning, is it a primitive one?
      A do a few hexes a day and it starting build up into a pile of them now all different pieces of vintage fabric...

      Hoping you and yours are keeping well and safe.
      Enjoy your weekend too.

      Sarah xx

  2. Lovely to read what you have been up to Sarah, and thank you for the mention of the VB instafair tomorrow. I will also be listing a few goodies on my blog alongside the fair. xxx

    1. Hi Lizzie no problem. Ooh extras on blog.. wonderful!
      Good luck to everyone and thank you for bringing a fair to us xxxx

  3. Glad you're having fun Sarah. Yes, exciting about the VB virtual fair. It's saved me a long drive!! 😂 Looking forward to seeing lots of goodies.
    Your courses sound exciting too - so much to look forward to. Xxxx

  4. Glad you are having fun, but I am sorry to hear of your mums home but glad she can get fresh air.

    Julie xxxx