Tuesday 14 April 2020

Vintage treasure * Journals * Fabric * and Stitching LOVE

Develop your slow stitching skills to create work that is the culmination of your vision.  Truly unique and based
on your involvement in life.  For each and every moment you spend living contributes to each and every creative
endeavour  you engage in.

Paul Burega.

From the moment I wake at Thimble I know I am home.  I thought it would be strange and I would  
feel a little uneasy as to where I was, but no I can honestly say ' I am home' …
My little stitchery room inside is getting there with bits being unpacked and sorted ( shame I can not do the same in my studio) however I am able to find most bits I would like and my desk is sorted in front of the window and my lovely chair with a quilt on the back of it is in place.
When I was sorting through some bits yesterday I found this little beauty  I had forgotten about it.  I have tried to remember where I bought it and at which little fair, but I can not.  It was like Christmas ….  It is a beautiful card and the photo makes me wonder who this pretty young lady is.  Where did she live, what was her life like and then I start to put together a little story in my head about how it all may have been for her.
When you open it up there is a the dearest little message and although age spots have got to the vintage paper it is still such a treasure to me.  I do not want to put it back in a drawer but if I frame it you will not be able to read inside.  I love it so much.  It may well end up as a display piece in my

Threads of Time Studio so that all that come on the workshops can have a little look at it too.  It is so pretty and needs to be shared with others.
The words read as follows:
May to-day be unusually glad
The gifts you prize most ever stay
And the years which the future shall add
Bring Happy Returns of the day.
Lily Oakley.
When my day begins at the moment it is full of surprises, delving into boxes and discovering treasure.  I feel like I am on the most amazing of treasure hunts without a map and happily rediscovering old friends ( fabrics, buttons, threads and so much more)

I have designed my first piece of stitchery in a long time and I have gathered all the parts to make it with.  It is in a basket, as was always my way.  I am sorting out the threads and so I will begin today. 

Still not a guess from anyone!

I used to write in a journal daily as you all know but stopped in August 2018,  I couldn't write the words that I felt at all.  I still can not go back in that journal and read any of it  I feel now it is time to start a new one and jot down my days and progress and feelings again.  The happy moments I feel and the people around me that bring me utter joy.  The Tales of Thimble Cottage is about to begin in earnest and I feel better for making the decision because I love writing and I love hand writing with my ink pen too and its time to start again.

I have found all my writing inks and my little stash of empty journals.  I think I have chosen this one, what do you think?

It has a woman ( in ceramic) holding a heart close to her, I think its apt for my new adventures somehow.

Journaling  is like whispering to one's self
and listening at the same time.
Mina Murray.
Talking of hearts I found my jar of hearts in a box all wrapped up and not been added to in nearly two years.  So I have found myself looking for little bits of fabric and so of an evening I can cut little

hearts out and pop them inside.  The smile when I found it.  In addition I have come across some of my hexogen patchwork pieces and I have filled a little basket with those and some fabric to stitch some more of those as a little on the side project as well. 
Days were so long and nights were worse and now time passes too quickly again and there is not enough hours in the day for me to complete everything I would like to achieve.  I am getting there slowly and in this time of isolation that has been forced upon us I have lots going on to keep me happy and very busy.
My stash of paisley has started to grow again as I have found a little online and that came through the letter box.  Wrapped carefully in tissue paper with a ribbon it was enough to make my soul sing I can tell you. Little things that is what makes me happy.
Well I best get on with my stitching my basket of sewing will not be done by tiny mice, It is down to me.  The weather has been beautiful and so for now please all stay extra safe and well.
And as always ..... HAPPY STITCHING! XXX


  1. What a lovely post to read with my morning coffee! Your journal choice is perfect! That card is absolutely beautiful and I think you should create a line of vintage fabric covered cards in the future! Bring those back in style. ❤️ I’m so happy to read that your cottage truly feels like home and that your days are filling with wonder! Love and miss you my friend. Xx

    1. Oh Nadia that’s just lovely that you enjoyed reading today. On a road that goes up and down but getting there.
      Love and miss you too dear friend. However one day we will be sat with a warm drink in the same room and catching up with laughter!
      Take great care. Will be writing soon xxx

  2. Good morning Sarah....Your descriptions place us there with you and create lovely visions. How far are you from the ocean. I love the name Thimble Cottage....oh how I have missed you. Have a peaceful and creative day.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your kind words. I have missed being here, although I did not know it really.
      The ocean used to be a five minute walk .. however it is around 28 miles away now.
      Still it is doable when restrictions are lifted.

      Stay safe yourself and thank you for coming back to read my ramblings, it has helped me with the lovely messages on here I receive.

      Sarah xx

  3. I'm playing catch up Sarah. The weather is so glorious, even in Scotland, so we've been rescuing our neglected allotment area. What a lovely post- it's so good that you are slowly finding your way back to us! Mo Xxxx

    1. Thank you Mo, its good to start being me again. A long road and a very long journey but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

      Enjoy the weather and hope to catch up with you very soon.

      Sarah xxx

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