Tuesday 7 April 2020

Slow stitching means setting aside time to find myself.

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful
change can truly be ..

Things are sometimes thrown upon us, walking the day through some woods near Thimble (getting my daily wander in away from others and doing my social distancing) I looked at the scenery with fresh eyes. Primroses are in full and beautiful bloom, bluebells are peeking through and wild garlic leaves are unfurling..  Birds were singing and pheasants trying to attract mates were meandering through the woodlands near a valley I found...
Exploring in a beautiful new area of Dorset I felt peaceful! my love of nature filled my senses and made me think of new design ideas and what I might stitch.
I can not wait to really explore when the restrictions are lifted, there are lovely country pubs dotted around where you can eat lunch and amazing walks and views along the way.
Birds are singing and plants are popping up in Thimble garden, I am discovering and guessing what they might be they all blissfully unaware that we are on lockdown and going about their usual way of life.  The freedom of birds soaring around the skies makes me a tiny bit envious right now.
Letter writing has become a thing for me to be able to keep in touch with family and friends, a lost art if you ask me. However there is nothing like receiving or writing a beautiful hand written letter to someone.  Post that pops through the letter box, lifts my spirits with hand stamped wax seals.  In these times right now it is a lovely way to keep in touch.

So many things I would love to be doing but we are prohibited at the moment, I will never again take for granted the art of bumbling around vintage fairs, going out for a coffee or seeing friends.

Its time now for slow stitchery right now for me.  I have unpacked my gorgeous hand dyed threads and sorted through them for pure enjoyment of staring at the colours and hues, and the beauty of them still amazes me.

Discovering fabrics that have been tucked away far too long, putting little mood boards together its been pure and utter bliss and is helping me to recover.  The joy with myself that I found my way back
from a black hole and that my dislike and fear of going into my old sewing room has lifted here at Thimble, this move  has helped me find me again.

Smiling once more and humming to myself surrounded by vintage bundles of happiness it so so good. Encouraged by wonderful friends old and new I am at peace and full of wonder and enthusiasm.

So what to stitch for me first? I am about to start my journey … any guesses?

Designing and stitching for workshops in the Threads of Time Studio as well so that when our earth gets back to normal I will be ready to set dates and start my work here.

I picked some little flowers on my walk the other day and they are wrapped and nestled in vintage books being pressed.  All is right in the world of Sarah.

A good way to get into your slow stitching zone is to not think about making a thing. Take your time looking for inspiration and don't just jump in and think ' I have to make something with this' 
Be quiet, be patient, and play with the materials until they tell you what they want to be.

Melissa Jackson.

I am going to take the advice above and just see where my stitching takes me but I have an idea for my first piece which is personal to me.  So if you like you can as I said take a guess knowing me as you all seem to do, pretty well.  The weather is beautiful here in Dorset and I hope you all have good weather too.  Please stay safe with this world virus and until I pop back on here, as always ….

Happy Stitching!



  1. Sarah, I love your blog and I wish you happiness and laughter as you tread this other path in your life. Thimble Cottage sounds delightful. Keep safe and well.
    Very best wishes

    1. Thank you Ann, I find pleasure in things again where there was nothing.
      A corner had been turned and it’s good to be in touch again with like minded people such as yourself. Humbled that I have been missed. 🌺

  2. So happy to see you blogging again and up on Instagram. I completely understand how you felt about your old sewing room, I felt the same about mine and turned my back on it for a few years. Time gives you strength and the energy to go on and be creative again. Looking forward to hearing all about it on here. Best wishes Ginny (ginnyatvintagepink on Instagram )

    1. Thank you Ginny. Thimble Cottage has played a huge part in me settling again. Still unpacking and waiting for things to be finished that at the moment due to Covid-19, can’t be.
      Boxes getting unpacked slowly but I can say the cottage is looking like home.
      Thank you for your kind words and best wishes 🏡

  3. Wise words from Melissa Jackson. Speaking from personal experience it is good to be reminded that we need to take our time and not feel pressured to ‘create’ something for the sake of it and before e are ready. I always remember you saying to let the thing speak for itself and I do keep reminding myself of that. It works too! It’s so wonderful to hear all your plans Sarah and I, like others, look forward to following your new adventures. Love, Mo xxx

    1. Mo thank you! Thank you for your support and words of inspiration. I am happy at Thimble hto see you soon and take care and keep well in these scary times. 🌺

  4. Writing letters is a lovely idea. I went and searched out my ancient fountain pen to do just that

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Excellent! It’s not only therapeutic writing a letter, it has the same effect when received the other end.

      Sarah xxxx

  5. Good morning Sarah...so glad you are back. Enjoy the stll....so important. Anxious to see your creations. Cold and snowy here this morning in New York state. 💥🌷

    1. Good morning!
      Oh I simply love NY State .. I have a few personal friends in and around there. It’s a vast State.
      We have unusually warm weather here for April and long may it continue!

      Take care.

      Sarah xx