Monday 6 August 2018

A bee charmer and slow stitcher

I shall take my morning tea with the
birds, the trees and the bumbling bees.

Amelia Dashwood.

What a most beautiful sunrise it was this morning and what promises to be a warm and gorgeous August day.  I have the day before me to sit in the garden with nature and slow stitch to my heart and souls content.  To sit there and have my first warm drink of the day is a pleasure and a privilege and I never take it for granted. I am a little later this morning as I just sat in the garden and drank coffee and did not want to leave nature and after the start to the day I felt I had earned it...

This morning started with a bit of frantic chasing about, as a huge bumble bee flew in and was a little dozy and bumping around walls and falling to the floor.  I was trying to get a glass over and some paper to get him out, without to much distress to the poor fellow!  Well it took a while.  I popped him out on the garden table and got him some water and a little very good manuka honey... he loved it and then whilst I sat with my warm drink and watched over him he sat for a while and then flew off.  I am sure he tipped his little bumble hat at me!  So as you see I did take my tea with a bumbling bee today and then I had the company of Miss Muddy who was thrilled I was so early ...

Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they
don't they should, for their feet are dusted
with spices from a million flowers of summer.

Ray Bradbury 

We had a lovely weekend and I hope that you did as well.  The weather was perfect and it was just us and we had a lovely walk and breakfasts in the garden and generally relaxed and were content in each others company.  Spending time and not clock watching is one of the joys of time off and to have a coffee brought to me in bed was a lovely way to wake on the Saturday morning.
On Saturday night we went out for dinner in the evening with our lovely neighbour, this is the lady who lost her husband who used to work for Coates all those years ago and whom I used to talk to about threads and sewing and I miss so very much.  Anyway we went out had a lovely meal and then came back here and sat with a bottle of wine in the garden until 11.30pm and it was 27 degrees out there but there was a slight breeze and the sun had gone to sleep.  It was a beautiful evening and cool but warm in the garden.  The fairy lights were on and we happily chatted away.

The weather all weekend has been hot and beautiful and it was lovely spending time in the garden and just not having to be anywhere or do anything...

So now it is a start of another very busy week for me and I am happy in my work.  Today I am going to be at home and doing some housework and lots of slow stitching.  I have some appointments on Tuesday but again mostly home sewing.  Wednesday I am hoping to stitch but also sketch and journal so that is nearly my week sorted already, but happily so ..

The other week when I was in the garden I saw a plant and I did not know what it was by our pea
r tree.  I could not remember planting it and I did not know what is was.  I was not sure to begin with if it was a weed.  Anyway I have been watching it closely and then last week all these big flower heads appeared and to my amazement and joy it is a sun flower and it is gorgeous.  There are 7 heads on there one that has opened and is big at the top right now.  I do not know if the birds bought me a present or indeed it was in some compost that we spread down ... who knows but it has been a really happy surprise indeed. So I have taken a photo for you to see.!  My gift of the garden.

My little wire basket is ready here for me to take to the garden and the sun is shinning, the birds have been fed and the garden watered.  A day of slow stitching mostly and being one with nature.
I know it is going to be a hot day today as there was this little tiny mist of the garden and as the sun peeped out it rose off ... the grass ( well dried grass) had no dew and the was a little steam as well.  It was beautifully eerie some how.

Anyway that is me for today and I am happily going to wander back into the garden whilst it is still cooler yet it is already 21 degrees.... My basket of happiness is ready on the kitchen table to take with me and there is just the little matter of making a warm drink to go with it.  Oh and some breakfast too.  Miss Muddy Beak has had hers, Mr Bumble has a little fine dinning too and the other birdies have been busy eating theirs.. so yes it my turn I guess.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing and I will see you tomorrow, hopefully with no shenanigans before hand.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Morning Sarah, I do wish my mornings were as gentle as yours, I've had two noisy doggies barking at goodness knows what!
    I'm so glad that you saved the dear little bee, they are beautiful and so often just need a drink. I saved a spider this morning but you won't want to know about that!
    Love the Ray Bradbury quote.
    Enjoy your day xxx

  2. Good morning Dawn oh you made me smile, yes I do like a gentle start to the day I must admit, I can not be doing with a whirlwind start. It was a bit frantic trying to save Mr bummble he was a bit dazed and somewhat miserable. Eventually I got him to see I was only trying to help but he was buzzing angrily at me every time he bumped into a wall and fell to the ground.
    You saved a a a a spider! I run away FAST!
    I think your two gorgeous doggies were just saying morning and look what a beautiful day it is mum!
    The Ray Bradbury quote is one of my favourites as it sums up bees I think .. they should smell sweet and probably do, not sure they would like to be sniffed so I am just going to give into it and say that is how they should smell.

    Hope you all have a good day and it is a beautiful day for a walk with doggies...

    Sarah xxx

  3. Now that's funny......I did the same yesterday with a bumble bee too, except he had local honey, but he enjoyed it. Lovely surprise sunflowers

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      Oh how funny, you know I marvel at bumble bees and how they fly! I am not sure what brought this one to me so very early but when he had a drink and the sun warmed him he flew again ..
      I love my sunflower 🌻 plant it’s so beautiful and cheery, perfect for the hot summer of 2018 ..
      Have a lovely day.
      Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Happy to hear the of the bee save 💕. I remember one year our shrub at the side of our home was loaded with bees...dangerous to those entering the house. Aaron caught them and released them down the road away from the house. It was a sweet was yours.

    The day here is going to be sunny and warm too.

    We have a nephew coming in from Colorado so will be busy...only some stitching.Busy things tidied until he arrives.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend 💥💥You are fun and special. 💕💕

    1. Morning Lora
      Yes it was a happy save bumble bees are so large and they appear fluffy and cuddly to me.
      It is wonderful when we can help nature and live along side it.
      We had a lovely weekend, also I caught up on happy mail 😘
      Have a great time with your nephew and any time you can squeeze in to slow stitch.. glad you have good weather too.
      Hugs Sarah 🍃xx🍃

  5. You've had what sounds like a lovely day Sarah. It's been lovely here too until this evening when the rain started. We're a tad cooler but it's still warm. There is just so much insect and bird life about this year - since our ducks died I've made their duck pond into a wildlife pond and it is amazing the pond life that is now there. Lovely to sit and watch of an evening. I think the sunflowers must have been a gift - what a lovely surprise - such gloriously happy flowers I always think.
    Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo
      Yes had a wonderful day yesterday it was peaceful apart from post office parcel run!!
      There is so much wildlife activity this year, you are right. So many gorgeous dragonflies too around here dancing in the sun.
      We are still in our heatwave conditions and grass is the thing of the past ! I love my sunflower 🌻 gift! As you say a happy flower!
      Sarah xxx