Thursday 16 August 2018

My scattering moments .... and a dress!

All my scattering moments are taken
up with my needle and thread.

Ellen Birdseye Wheaton 1851

Oh the delight of doing some slow stitching on two of my dresses, to make the dress unique to me. The pattern of the dress is very simple and I just sketched it for Debbie.  I have covered my own buttons and the dress button up at the back.  They are larger buttons so you can clearly see the gorgeous vintage fabrics used.  It is all part of the detail.  One of the dresses has a monogram on the bodice of the dress and of course it is a very old and ornate 'S' for obvious reasons and I am so happy with how they are coming along.  Letting my work speak for its self I am stitching something and then hanging the dress up to look at for a few hours to see if more is just enough ... grin!

The other one has vintage linen bodice and the the skirt part is the vintage cabbage and roses fabric I bought at a vintage fair this summer, some of you will remember it from the show and tell.

This is the one that I will where first and the little bit of stitching and applique that I have done will have to do for its first outing, I am very pleased with the dress and it is lined and very comfortable indeed.  I have hand covered the large 6 buttons at the back of it and can not wait to start wearing them.  The other dress with the monogram is in the middle of having some embroidery completed and a further two dresses are being made by Debbie.... so by the end of the year I will have four beautiful and totally unique dresses to me hanging in the wardrobe.

The applique on this dress is a large bee and the words are as follows:
 ' Leave room in your garden for bee's to dance' 
So totally me .  I think there will be more embroidery on the back of the dress but not this side of this
fair.  The back has the covered buttons as you can see but a little something else is needed in the way of words .. yet to be decided upon. Sorry about the plastic in the photos but it was hung up safely and pressed so I did not want to disturb it too much.

We are off to the Cotswold fair and I can not wait.  It will be a lovely weekend and a friend is staying at ours to feed the birds and have time by the sea, and we are making a long weekend of it and staying in a little cottage.

I will take some photos for you all to see the fair and the cottage and of course the Cotswold's and report on it sometime next week for you.

So today I am off to see my mum and keep wondering if she will have had a wonderful dream last night to tell us about in her way.  I hope so as I love to think of little memories coming into her clouded mind and she then dreams wonderful things about them like it has just happened and she smiles ..... which is infectious because it makes my sister and I smile back.

Then later on I am going to get on and try and stitch more on my other dress, it is a totally me sewing few days until I go off a  adventure into the countryside and the gorgeous fair that is one of my favourites in the vintage social calendar.  In addition there is a wonderful bulldog who greets us at
this fair named Winston and he is a handsome and very loving boy indeed.

The weather looks like the sun will be shining and it is not too hot either, around 22/23 degrees and that suits us all I think.  There is always a large marquee with stalls around the perimeter and then tables and chairs with flowers on them in the middle for people to sit and have a drink or something to eat, whilst still looking at all the goodies that are on offer.  There is the hall full of stalls and other little individual marquees as well.  The views are outstanding so it is all set for a great time.  We are out in the evening for a meal and a catch up ..... yes I am totally excited to be there and very lucky.

I am not packing any stitching at all and having a total break, I adore stitching and my job but feel a complete 'no needle' in my hand will do me some good and I can come back refreshed and revived.

However a sketch journal will be coming with me in case I get an idea walking around the countryside and something pops into my head ... I know I would like to pick a wild flower and press it for my personal journal to remind me of this time and indeed the great summer of 2018 as its now known in our home!

So I must away and get on so that I can get some stitching in today before I pack this evening and of course sort my project baskets out for my return next week so that I can ' ht the ground running' ( one of my husbands favourite sayings I have to add and I have kind of adopted it!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful dress, you will be a living piece of art. Gorgeous! Your hat will look lovely with this dress. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am looking forward to seeing the photos. The weather here this morning is indicating that the building of an ark should take place so I'd better get going on it! Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Thank you I am pleased with the progress it will be worn like this at the weekend tho!
      Now about that ark! Can I secure a space with a basket of sewing ?
      Wonder how the dress will look with wellies!! πŸ˜‚

      Weather set to be lovely on Saturday . She says!!
      Have a great weekend..

      Sarah xxx

  2. What a beautiful one of a kind is so beautiful!! Enjoy the Cotswold Vintage Fair....sounds wonderful. We are attending the Bouckville antique show Saturday. (1000 vendors).

    Going to be sunny today but have had rain and flooding this week.

    Stitching with my sister today...will be fun. Also visiting a nice and her gardens.

    Do have a wonderful weekend...enjoy your visit with your Mom. πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Thank you Lora I am looking forward to it and hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be back here tomorrow morning but not on here Monday..
      Saturday looks great weather wise too, not sure how the dress would look in wellies!
      Take care
      Sarah πŸƒπŸŒΌπŸƒ

  3. Visiting our niece Jennifer.

  4. Oh Sarah, your dresses look beautiful! I am sorry I am not able to go to the fair, so I shall miss its first outing. Have a super time.
    Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo! Had a great day and the cottage we are staying in, let’s just say I will have to be dragged away! 🀣
      Sorry you could not make it, it was fabulous...
      Sarah xxx