Tuesday 1 April 2014

Make do and mend..... the vintage sewing trend!

Good morning all

Whilst I am busy with writing and stitching projects, I was thinking how wonderful it is that vintage is back in vogue! people are up cycling and making things for themselves.  They are mending and re-using instead of being a throw away society. The make do and mend mentality is back!

If you are lucky enough to have some vintage fabrics and really look at the detail and design of the fabrics you become amazed at how beautiful these non mass produced fabrics really are.

If you get hold of some pieces of vintage quilt and make it into something of beauty then it breathes new life and function into it.  The fact that it is not hidden in an attic somewhere or in a drawer to just degrade and not be seen. ( like my new design needle cases, the quilt pieces have been washed and made into something new, yet the quilt is around 1930!)

I really am very fond of old mother of pearl buttons, they are used in most of my work.  Of course you can pick up the old baker light buttons too and I do have some but I feel the charm, for me, lies with mother of pearl.  If you pick up a mother of pearl button is is very cold to the touch and when they are hand carved, the beauty is outstanding.  Why leave one of those in a button box?  Attach it to something and let its beauty and age be seen.....

I am busy hunting about for vintage textile events to go to and have a little list compiled for my needs...... and a little personal list of 'would like' for myself.  I do like making things for our home. It is, in reality, my showcase.  I also enjoy making our home pretty and functional.

If anyone knows of any vintage textile fairs coming up, please leave me a message or email me. You can find a link on the homepage of this blog...... Also look at vintage news. (see yesterdays blog)

Enjoy your day and Happy Stitching...

I would love to know what you are stitching, email me  and I will reply...

Its back!.....Happy Stitching!

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