Wednesday 21 May 2014

A talented lady and her work........Anna Matthews

Magpie :- used figuratively to refer to a person
who obsessively collects things or chatters idly.
A place to hold treasures, collectables and keepsakes.

Anna Matthews is the owner of a business called Morningmistermagpie.  Anna makes beautiful boxes for keepsakes and treasures and uses decoupage and ink drawings.

She is a very talented and busy lady who has young children too and her and husband are renovating a house as well.  Anna has always loved art and craft and thinks that because of her mums influence with sewing that is where her talent comes from.

Anna's day starts very early and she loves where she lives and listening to the dawn chorus, this she says is her thinking time when the world is still and her lovely children have not yet stirred....

Before Anna was a wife and mum she studied fashion at university and her work was shown at London fashion week..... she remarks.. 'not bad for a girl who could not sew until my degree'!.... not bad at all!!

She gets her love of collecting things from her Nan and has always loved art and pretty papers and pens and sketching..... It shows in her work which dear readers is stunning. I myself am going to be purchasing one of the boxes.... it will take pride of place in my sewing room for vintage treasures.

Anna and a friend over coffee one day decided to start a webpage called U-ni-k gifts as they could not find lovely bits for children.  The name is derived from both their first born children.  You will find Anna's boxes on there plus lots more.... .... Here you will be able to buy one of Anna boxes.  Also check out her facebook page.  you will be able to keep up to date with Anna and her work and see new designs.  If you LIKE her page you will be able to see any knew news as it happens...... Also you can message Anna on facebook and talk to her about your personal needs for your box, she likes to make them unique for the needs of each buyer....

Teddy treasure box

 Anna's work in progress!

The beautiful mouse with decoupage name Fred, Freddy, Frederick.. Stunning


Some of Anna's stunning work... visit Morningmistermagpie today!

Happy Stitching!........


  1. Thank you for writing such a lovely blog about what I do......X

  2. You are welcome Anna, and your work speaks for it's self. The boxes are stunning and I will be placing my order, as finally I have decided on my design......

    Sarah x