Sunday 5 June 2016

Treasures from my adventure in Devon ..... plus Totnes market.

When Adam & Eve were dispossessed of the garden in Heaven, they planted another one.
It was down in the West, Twas Devon, glorious Devon.

Edward German.

As you all know for Bank Holiday we added on more days and went to  Devon a great friend has a thatched cottage so we stayed with him.  We had such a fabulous time and of course we went treasure hunting and to the market in Totnes, where a good friend of mine Amanda has a vintage stall every Friday ....

The weather was glorious and I have heard from others that it was very cold and raining so we were very lucky.  We had a b b q and wandered around in the hot sunshine along beaches and in and out of vintage/antique shops.  It was ice-cream weather and to us summer had arrived. Hmmm now there is a blip!

First full day there my husband had to work from our friends home so just the two of us went out for a truffle and some lunch as it was his Birthday and brought home a great sandwich for my husband who said ..... did you find treasures!  I did indeed.
Firstly I found the tiny and dearest pin cushion on earth.  It is silver with the hallmarks and it is is around C1920 and is a rabbit with a blue velvet back for pins.  When I saw it I fell in love instantly and so asked to look at it more closely.  The lady let me look at the hallmark through a magnifier glass and showed me on a chart the date so that I knew it was genuine.

I was so pleased with the find and I said "yes please" to that.  Carrying on around the shop I found the most beautiful Sampler dated 1882 and was stitched by a man called Edward Baker.  It has stitched on there "Forget me not" and it is stunning, with a border of stitched on fabrics.  So again that came home with me along with a couple of bits of china/glass for personal use.  I found a china round dish lid with handle (small) and I had a plate at home that it would go on for butter.  In addition a really beautiful glass jelly mould with a feather design.  I put it in the dish washer and the glass has come up like brand new.... I was initially going to make it into a candle for the kitchen but it is too good for that so it will be used as it was intended.....

That was day one so I was over the moon with my treasures.  On the Friday we went to Totnes market and I found Amanda and her perfect stall.  It was so beautiful and she said I could take photos for you all to see.  Every piece of vintage linen had been washed and pressed and it looked stunning.  I did manage to pick up some of the vintage linens.  One was a table cloth for us personally and the others were hand embroidered bits for me to use in my work.  I found Amanda around midday and she said lots of her stock had already gone and I am not surprised in the slightest.  We talked for a half hour and we could have kept going but Amanda was busy ( there's a shocker with a stall like that) and I was being beckoned by my husband and friends to go have some lunch and see some of Totnes, plus we
were meeting another friend for drinks in the pub there later so it was time to say goodbye.  If I were nearer I would be at that market every Friday ... So if you are near Totnes do go because it is fabulous.

As you can see from the photos of Amanda's beautiful vintage stall it is worth going just for that but ladies whilst you are looking here there are plenty of vintage stalls to amuse the men, including tools.  

There are other stalls there apart from vintage so there is two parts to the market, offering plants, breads and other goodies.  I promise you if you go, you will not be disappointed.

Totnes is really beautiful and a very laid back town, it has an arty/craft feel to it as well as antiques and artisan food shops.  The boats that are moored there and pretty flowers that were out, plus the weather we were experiencing it was like being abroad.

The shops are fabulous and there was a great artisan bread shop that we went into as well and got some different breads for the weekend, including a beetroot bread which was gorgeous dipped into oil and balsamic later that evening as a snack with our drinkies whilst dinner was cooking.

We walked over the bridge and looked down at all the boats moored there and wandered around generally in and out of shops and along the waterside.  It was a really enjoyable day.

We had such a lovely few days in Devon and did not return home until late on Monday.

On the Sunday we had an invite to a vintage friends home who was having an open house vintage day, by invite only.  We went there and I bought a few bits including some great lace and some vintage French embroidery stamps for my little collection.  Also I had fuss with one of their cats who is adorable and found a comfy spot on one of the Lloyd Loom chairs!
 We sat in the prettiest of gardens and had a coffee whilst the sun was beating down on us.  When we left there to go back to the cottage we had a lovely bbq with additional friends ..... Such a great day as well.  

Well as you can see we had the best of long weekends and I came home with an arm full of treasures.

Well I am away to my stitching and I hope that whatever you are doing today its a great day for you.  In the meantime Happy Stitching!


  1. I absolutely agree anyone who goes to Totnes will not be disappointed! We are off to there on Friday and back the following following Friday so a whole week of Totnes and the surrounding areas. Are those last pictures Lizzie's garden (Somerset)?
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie
    Have a fabulous week in Totnes, I envy you the week. I really hope the weather continues to be great.

    I will miss you here for a week.
    Take care

    Sarah xxx