Friday 3 June 2016

Today so far, I have mostly been making whimsical acorns!

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut,
 that held its ground.

David Icke

It is funny really that on a beautiful summers day I am making something that is around in Autumn but the thing is I collected the acorn cups last Autumn and have dried them out so they are ready for filling.  They are not exact acorn shape, as in long, but more the start of an acorn when they are forming.

 I wanted some personally to decorate our home with in the Autumn but also I would like some for when photographing Autumnal pictures or makes, then I like to have props and I love acorns, because nothing says Autumn like acorns.

I wanted whimsical ones s"why not" I asked myself and myself spoke sense to me and said" why not indeed!"  and sometimes these things just have to be done.

Loving trying out new ideas and techniques I set about with dried acorn cups, fabrics, stuffing, needle and thread and a glue gun and oodles of enthusiasm...

Starting work early this morning I have started making them and much like pom pom making its bloomin' addictive and oodles of fun.

I think a box of these given as a gift with someone of an artistic nature and a person who dresses their home with the seasons would love them, I would .. but there is probably someone reading this who's face has screwed up in disbelief with fabric acorns? still there it is ..... I needed to start early to make a few and then to get tidied up and start my proper job of stitchery.  

I started on the velvet ones that truly you can not stop touching because they are like jewels and very tactile to stroke.  They are so vibrant and I guess more like an acorn ought to be.

Then it was play time and go wild with beautiful fabrics that are of paisley patterns .... now see if acorns came out with a paisley pattern on their shell we would all be out their picking them wouldn't we !!! ...

So when I have made a pile I will show you all the results ..

For now I really need to get on with some stitchery, I have an idea and I must get on with some sewing. After our extra long bank holiday I have some catching up to do.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!!

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