Tuesday 2 May 2017

Treasure of Cranborne !

English country village
at its best ....

The plunder from Cranborne garden centre vintage fair has now been photographed and popped away but I was so happy with it.

Firstly I bought the most equisite piece of vintage cotton trimming from Jenny of Tilly-D there is a good length of it and I loved the pattern of it too.  Then there was the little matter of a lovely needle craft book.  I have one of these but this one has been hand written in with the date as well so this is my keeper.  With the other I am going to cover it in a piece of hand embroidered linen and sell it so watch this space .... very soon.  Have a look at these two lovely pieces.

Here is a little look inside this beautiful needle craft book, not only embroidery but knitting and
crochet and how to make tea cosies and all sorts of lovely craft bits.  I loved that it had been dated and hand written and a lovely book plate with the name of the recipent was in the front too.   It all adds to its pre loved condition and history and soul of this book.

Now from Elaine of Fab Fairs the long awaited for basket.  It was a long deliberation as you remember and I had a elimination process ... I would have bought all three of the ones I liked.  There were around 7 to choose from so to just purchase one was a very hard and not to be rushed decision.

In the end this one got picked because of its shape with a little muffin top shape in the middle of it  with a bit in the middle that is wider than the top and bottom and I just loved the happy colours of it ...

Look at these views of this gorgeous basket and the lemon base inside it is such a happy looking basket and will be lovingly looked after.  I am going to give it a little clean and wipe down and then
probably this will be a basket that I take to a vintage fair to put my treasures in ....

Then from Anne Marie of Sky Bleu these most beautiful buttons.  All porcelin and hand painted
with flowers that are so tiny it looks like mice painted them.  There are two with forget me nots on them.  Then one with a rose and one with lily of the valley .... Oh they truly are so beautiful and they have been wrapped carefully awaiting a design that they will star in  ....

Lavender and Belle had so much lovely things to choose from but I settled for a packet with several old thimbles in it plus a vintage packet of needles firstly.

Then these two packs of vintage empherma for me to do some designing with plus I can photo copy
them onto the fabric so that they can be used in stitchery as well.  I have also bought some old seed packets from her but they are coming in the post .... she had 20 of them so I will photograph them for you to see soon.

Well that is it for today I have a whole day today to stitch as long as the hospital does not phone me so I am going to make the most of the day.  Firstly collating all the photos from The Larmer Tree Vintage Fair and then getting them ready for the blog this week and lots of hours I hope of hand stitching and listening to the radio.  I just can not believe it is May already .. need the earth to slow up a bit for me to catch up!!

I hope you all have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX