Friday 5 May 2017

A Thank You Giveaway! ....

I can no other answer make, but, thanks and
thanks ....

William Shakespeare

This week being a Bank Holiday has gone very quickly for me with lots going on in my weeks now it seems to fly by.

Well today I would like to thank you all for all you support and kind words over my Mum so am
having a give away ....

All you need to do is go on here, not facebook but on this blog so it is all in the one place and leave a comment why you would like to win this gorgeous book.  It has the larger Vintage and Antique and  fairs in England and is the best little book ( I have a copy)....

I need it all on here so that I can write down all your names and not search about for them and pop them in a bowl and get my husband to pick out a piece of paper to see who has been the lucky one and I will send it to you with a little pack of gorgeous fabrics as well.

Please join in with this bit of fun and who know it could be you who wins this book.  Closing date is Monday and I will get my husband to pick a name on Tuesday night.  It does not matter where you live in the world if you would like a chance to win this book then just join in ...

As you can see there is a great contents and some stunning photos in this little book.  It tells you where you might find certain items such as haberdashery and fabrics or gardenelia or clocks.  Basically what ever you are a collector of there is a fair out there somewhere for you.  Some fairs are so big its all there so you can pick around the country ....

I will choose some lovely fabrics from my collection and make up a little pack and that will be
coming along with this book to the lucky winner.

Having had so many of you email me to ask how I am and letting me know you are thinking of me has been a great source of comfort and I really appreciate it.  This is just a tiny thank you and hope that you will all join in this bit of fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the sun comes out for us all.  I will be back here on Monday, its a full week ahead and I am hoping to get some serious stitching in but who knows ....

So think of why you would like to win this book and some fabric and pop your comment below on here ... do not forget for those of you using the facebook link the comment has to be on here as then I do not miss anyone, with it being bonkers at the moment it could happen.

I hope you will all join in this bit of fun, and you have to be in it to win it !!!!

 As Always Happy Stitching!XX

A Huge Thank You For
Your Support ....


  1. HI Sarah, I would love this book as I am hoping to get on the circuit next year, so I can visit some Fairs when I am in England, buy some beautiful things and learn from the experts!
    Love your blog and you are doing so well at keeping strong x

    1. Thank you Donna and your name has gone in the bowl. Good luck xx

  2. Hi, i would love this book as i only seem to find out about these fairs after they have happened! Have a big love for everything vintage

    1. Thank you Laura and your name is in the bowl and good luck ..xx

  3. What a lovely way to thank everyone Sarah. I won the competition last time so it wouldn't be fair to enter again. The lucky winner has a treat in store. One of these days I will meet you at a fair, just need to persuade hubby that he wants to go. Lol. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Would love to meet you! ... tell hubby there's cake! .. lots have man crèches..e.g. Classic cars!!!
      Every name in the draw .. it's only fair .
      Sarah xxxxx

  4. Sarah,
    Funny I should come here today, and a giveaway to greet me. wow. You always have such great ideas and a nice place for me to visit. Thank you.
    Nancy Jo

    1. Thank you Nancy Jo! Your name is in the bowl xxx

  5. Only just found you via Lizzie van Haslett on facebook! I think I will be a regular visitor to your pages of loveliness! I am hoping your most recent post will inspire to sort out what will, hopefully, become a crafty room. Lots of 'stuff' to move a round in a very tiny space.

    1. How lovely so pleased you found me.
      I am so pleased you will be a regular you can join if you would like or pop in when you can and feel like a cosy read.

      The on going saga of the sewing room. Waiting for things to continue in my quest and I am like a cat on a hot tin roof. I think it is worth waiting for the lavender drawer liners for the munchers (moths) so daily I am lurking for the posty right now .. make him jump most days!

      I just would like to get on with it but know it will be great when I have finished.

      I look forward to your comments. Happy Reading.

      Sarah xx

  6. Hi Sarah, gosh I'm coming late to the party - bit of. A hectic weekend, so playing catchup to night. GOrgeous weather here today and I do hope it's been similar down your end too - I have made some progress in the garden, thanks to the sun shine. If still time, I would love this wee book, so I can plan 'our' Vintage outings. So glad things are settling a bit for you. Love, Mo xx

  7. You are in the bowl Mo!
    Draw later today!
    Thank you for entering...
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Sarah xxx

  8. Competition now closed! ......,
    Good Luck Everyone