Monday 8 May 2017

Creative Slow Stitching - A time to reflect

Slow stitching  means setting
aside time for myself and my creative 
business.  I can loose myself in the
 threads and stitches and go to a calm
 and reflective happy place.

We can choose to connect to our stitching and times gone by, if only for a few minutes or hours a day. Slow stitching is so relaxing and allows me to focus on enjoying creating something handmade and unique and moments of contemplation and time to reflect. Somehow it is down time for my brain
when I am hand stitching in a chair with a warm cup of herbal tea.

I find to be creative I have to declutter my mind and if I have an untidy home or sewing room I really can not think properly! We do not live in a show home by any way or form and for those of you who have seen my overloaded dresser in the kitchen you will know we are far from minimalists but I do like some order to my clutter.  Anyone else like me out there who can not be creative with a jumbled mind and work space?

Over the weekend I have taken a single bed out of my sewing room and brought in some furniture instead, settling for if anyone needs to sleep over in that room we have a large blow up mattress that can be put in there instead (which is generally over the Christmas and New Year period so why keep the space with the single bed there) ... bring in some lovely furniture/cupboards and make the room just what it is suppose to be.  We have another large spare bedroom which is just that so it is only over spill in my stitchery room......  It was fun and games and there is stuff everywhere right now whilst I put it all away but it is making me do it and pull out furniture and dust and hoover ... makes me feel better.  This room was my children's room years ago but as they left I decorated it and had it as a half sewing room.  Then taking one single bed out and keeping the other .... it has been a slow process to just have it as my space.  When we do move when Mum is settled then of course I will have more rooms but for now and for me to work in a better format ... the beds are both in storage.

I am excited about getting some things out of boxes that were stacked high and having it in order in cupboards and drawers plus making it look really pretty and relaxing for me to work and look out in the back garden.  I only want to use my dining room table for eating of course and cutting out large pieces of fabrics and linens .....  With this new found space this should now happen.

On the sunny days to come I can take a basket of sewing into the garden and on cold days I can cosy in a chair in the lounge or snug if I would like.  Other than that I can be in my sewing room watching Miss Muddy Beak about her hustle and bustle of her daily life.... She is nesting right now and she is very busy and hungry indeed.

 I also have family photos along the  window sill that make me smile  and  they are all there.! Even a photo of a family hamster called Bramley who was much loved, and a  total character.  You would not see him during the day but at around 5pm he would come out and was the James Bond of hamsters -- very active and loved swinging around his large cage.  Some family members are missed but not forgotten and always in my thoughts ....

Paisley drawer is being sorted and put else where I think but until I have unpacked things I am not totally sure.  Then it is spring clean the spare room for a visit from a great friend and a re arrange about in our tiny conservatory with a large cupboard going out there so things are away instead of on a table out there and under it ... you see its a Spring Clean.

This all done it will be back to serious business of creating and slow stitching projects .. the cobwebs will all be gone from not only my head but the home ......  leaving me more focused on sewing and looking after my Mum.

I have been sorting through my vintage kilner jars with fabric tops I made to make sure each one has the correct things in them that I use mostly ... some of the threads have gone away in a drawer instead.  My husband has been taking down the bed and with the help of a lovely neighbour carrying furniture up the stairs ( I do not have that kind of strength in my back!)  Laughing at me with where best to display and use the typewriter and put my work baskets.  Then there is the little ( well large matter actually) of quilts.... I want to display some out and some must go away so I can chop and change but I am so petrified of moths!  So I have been told lavender oil so I am going to get some to pop on the carpets in the corners in there and have a lavender candle in there plus cedar wood.

I panic about those little munchers of wool and fabrics and all things gorgeous! so I know when there are some folded and displayed and not under plastic with air sucked out I will be forever checking on them!

Well that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed a vintage rambling read ...

Whatever you are up to today I hope it is enjoyable - Happy Stitching! XX


  1. You will be so pleased when you have redesigned your room and it is purely for sewing. I hope we will see a photo when it is done, it will look lovely I'm certain. Mine needs decorating, I want it to be totally vintage and pretty whereas the walls are currently boring beige. Our house is mostly country style but I would like my sewing room, dressing room and bathroom to be vintage and I'm looking forward to designing them. The bathroom is mine and hubby has control of the ensuite so I can do what I like with it.
    I'm sure your house must be so full of warmth and lovely things with heart and soul and a story to tell.
    I don't like sewing in a muddle but it usually ends up that way!
    I didn't realise that you had children or a 007 hamster, how lovely. We weren't blessed with children but fur kids are great replacements and we love them so much.
    Thank you for entering me into the drawer Sarah. Enjoy your slow stitching. I need to go have a look at my typewriter. I have a sewing project but it's just to make a tablecloth,which isnt very exciting, as couldn't find a gingham type one big enough for my table. Have a happy day. Love Dawn x I will mention cake and cars to hubby. He would go if I wanted him to but he knows it will cost him money lol x x

  2. Yes, I am one of those not able to craft when the house needs tidying and cleaning. I am well aware it is unfortunately part of my terrible procrastination habit, which over the last few years I have been trying so hard to conquer! It's understandable when it is something nasty like paying bills, etc., but how silly is it when something that gives me so much pleasure is involved!

    I tell myself it would be easier if I had a proper sewing room - oh what lucky ladies you and Dawn above are. And a bathroom and dressingroom all to yourself as well Dawn!

    Look forward to seeing your finished room.

    1. Dear Julia, yes I have a nice large house but only because as I have gotten older the ones I love have passed away and have left me what was theirs, so all these nice things have come at a price,I am sad to say. I thank them every day. When we were first married we lived in a little one bedroom flat that was full of damp. So glad those days are gone. Enjoy your sewing, I know just what you mean about procrastinating but somehow there is pleasure in the anticipation. Love Dawn xxx

    2. Hi Julia
      Ithank you for reading the blog glad you enjoy it!
      The sewing room is getting there and I am lucky but it is needed for me to work , finally after settling mum we will be able to move and I can have a studio away from the house because even if you have a room.. fairies come and spread stitchery everywhere anyway !! Lol

      As Dawn said pleasure in anticipation is always good. I love it when I have a commission.. the thought and the design with the stitching is all part of my love of what I do.

      Why not enter the competition that was on Fridays blog ... before tonight.
      Sarah xxx

  3. Oh lucky you your own dressing room and bathroom! ..
    The transition from half bedroom to full sewing room is going slowly with stuff everywhere! My mind is spinning!

    Felt you should be in the competition you have been a great reader of my blog and now a lovely friend, it was right and proper,
    The name will be pulled out and if you win then lucky you!
    I will post pictures of my sewing room when it is done .... got two pieces of furniture in and now awaiting my lavender scented William Morris drawer liners to arrive in the post .. for the munchers!!!

    Sarah xxxx

  4. I'm so glad that you are distracted with nice things to think about. Thank you for thinking of me as a friend, you are lovely. Lavender scented William Morris....perfect. 'out damn moth! ... wasn't it Lady Macbeth that said that. Ha ha lol xxx

  5. Hi Sarah, welll I am exactly the same. I need to declutter my head so that I can properly focus on what I am doing. Otherwise my thoughts are interrupted by other thoughts, impatient to be heard! Sadly though, my good intentions do not always come to fruition and I end up working in chaos! If you could see my sewing room you would see how cluttered it is. I am indeed very fortunate to have my own work room, which looks out into the garden; but somehow no matter how big it is, the sewing fairies (as you say Sarah) seem to move things into other rooms Haha! I a man so looking forward to retiring from my current job in a few months time and spending more dedicated time in there - might even give it a tidy! Love, Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo

      More time sewing will be fabulous for you .. I am still waiting to continue my tidy up! .. it's going well but gosh I have so much to go through!
      Hope to see you soon at a fair..
      Glad others are like me with not being able to create in clutter and chaos!
      Sarah xxx