Tuesday 1 August 2017

August slow stitches.

To appreciate the limitless and endless
possibilities for inspiration in
our creative lives, it is important
to approach every day  with
a sense of child like wonder!

Mark Lipinski

Oh so true is that statement above and I am not called Peter Pan at home for nothing, I look at everything that way.  It keeps us young and creative.  Its like when you watch a child play on their own and there are all these things and people in their heads and they are in that fairy tale land with
not a care, as childhood should be, that is how we should think when we design our work... step out of everyday and imagine ; because it is our imagination that makes us unique and creative.

Having had some peaceful days sewing it has helped me be creative as well with thoughts of things to explore to stitch.

Also I like to get some vintage beauties out and make a collage of bits to give me inspiration with fabrics and empherma along with buttons maybe and suffolk puffs this all adds to the imagination and helps to to design.

Now there is a slight change to my friend coming down and he will be joining me at the end of this week so I will be having next week off to spend some time with him.  I will return on here on Monday 14th August.  I will be excited that week as on the 19th it is the Toddington fair in the Cotswolds and we are meeting up with our lovely friends and of course going to one of my absolute favourite vintage fairs so that week will be making a list for things for me to look out for and also back to lots of sewing.  That said my friend is a very talented artist and so he sketches a lot so we
are happy in each others company .. him drawing and me sewing and still chatting away..

I have finished two of my designs last week so I think I will be starting the vintage quilt pieces next week whilst my friend is here.  I think I have chosen different pieces and they will look really good with a little added extra.  Some pieces of quilt just look fabulous as they are and could go into a frame and be looked at and admired.  The ones I have chosen could stand on their own too but I think this little add will be just the cherry on the top so that will be my work basket to take down stairs and have in the lounge for when my friend is here...  The picture above is of one of the pieces and they all blend beautifully so the words on these plus a little something else are going to be .....

Kindness  sprinkle it everywhere you can.

This will have Kindness as one word on it then the sprinkle it then everywhere you can with a hand embroidered something .... this is the plan of action.

I have a treat for you all today a lovely friend and reader Julie has shared with us a great little device that she inherited from her mum,  It is a hand held darner machine and she says that it is a 'make do and mend,' tool sometime called the 'Lancashire's smallest loom' and is circa late 1940's.

Simple to use ( so Julie tells me) and held in place with nothing more than a nicely turned wooden mold and a elastic band!

You push the slider from side to side like you would on a proper weaving loom to raise the warp threads to slide a darning needle with thread to make the weft threads.

It is amazing isn't it and so pleased she shared it.  I am sorry that people can not load their own photos on here in the comments column it would be so lovely but if you have something to share then email
me the photos and I will load them on here for you because it is so really lovely that some of you want to share with us ...

Then another lovely reader and friend Dawn shared some photos of treasure that she has.  Vintage Darning threads in the original boxes.  So many lovely old treasures that are still being used today and also loved and looked after.  Thank you ladies ....

Well that is it for today I hope you have a great day whatever you are up to and of course as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely post - and thank you for sharing my pictures

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie for giving me permission.

  2. Well that's an amazing little loom,I wonder how many people had one.
    Thanks for sharing my photo Sarah.
    I love the quilt piece you are going to work on and the wording is perfect, what is there without kindness in this world. One of my favourite sayings is
    ' If you're not sure about the right thing to do, do the kind thing and you will have done the right thing.'
    I've told myself this a lot when in a quandary although sometimes it entails a bit of selflessness, which can be a struggle some days!
    My head is immersed in slow stitching as well and I don't know if you find this Sarah but sometimes it's hard to leave it and persuade your brain to enter back into the real world and do some household tasks! I was stitching late last night with a head torch lighting up the stitches. I have yet to look at my handiwork this morning so fingers crossed that I haven't sewn the wibbly wobbly way. Lol. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you for sharing your photos and I would like to add more reader photos, as this blog will not let people do it!

      Oh yes I immerse totally, that's why I do an hour or so house stuff early morning daily and then stitch and see my Mum.

      I even do food shop on line now too except for butcher and greengrocer.. if we do t use the little shops we loose them and that would never do. Then I can swing by the Post Office as well with all my Mail and parcels.

      I am sure your stitching will be great, a bit of wobbly is so in vogue ...
      In my Christmas sampler my tiny church is wibble wobble on purpose! !

      Have a great slow stitch day ...

      Sarah xxxx