Monday 21 August 2017

Inspired to stitch !

With the needles threaded &
the fabric and buttons laid out
Inspiration runs through my soul.

The one thing about such a gorgeous fair is the inspiration that it gives you to get back and stitch.  With so much beautiful treasure on offer you can not help but to want to be in your favourite sewing spot with needles at the ready and creating.  We had a fabulous time and I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Inspired by threads, fabrics and the slight change in the air of Autumn I am ready to start a Autumn sampler and with tiny leaves cut out to applique, you remember I cut some out this summer on a slightly breeze filled day and chased one of them around the garden with Miss Muddy beak and all looking on at me in some amusement. Yes now you remember! well I was cutting out petals and things for something else you see but there was some lovely pre loved fabrics and it made me thing of leaves so I cut some out whilst I was there.... I have to cut some more I think but its looking hopeful as I laid it all out on my dinning room table this morning to see how it might look before starting. 

Then I decide if more is needed and then get set to on that.  I take a photo or two just so I remember how I have set out something like this and that is  part to me design pattern as the other part I get my design journal out too, to check and reflect back on ..... 
Nothing is written or in this case sketched in stone and if I feel this or that should be added or taken away now is the time to reflect and decide on it.  Taking the photos just helps me as I go along.

I have also been looking at the dyed shaker threads and see what is what. I pre order them before going to America because some of them I have quite a few and do not want to deplete their stock.  Becky of Quilted threads who has become a lovely friend over the years we have been going to her, gets them ordered and ready for me to pick up and pay, then I wander around and add to my list when I see other stitching bits. Sorry still so excited as it is about 7 weeks until we fly! and trying so hard to calm down about it all as we were not going to go but Mum is so settled and my sister can go visit that we were talked into it ( did not take much) .... stitching stitching - back to today!!!
Well as you can see I have made a little progress so I am ready to start cutting a few more leaves out and want to check out what other leaves I might like.  I have some oak leaves cut out with their distinctive curves and some like maple leaves - I know they are not really native but I love their shape and to me they are a bit like a plant in our front garden ( only a less sort of frilly leaf) so I have added
some of those.

I have been trying something as well with some vintage ribbon and it may work!  I am going to see if I can tack it or pin it to the piece and see if it will look any good because I can not tell.  So you can see I have my jobs sorted for today to keep me very busy, including sorting all the photos of the fair out for tomorrows blog ready for me to slot in to my ramblings.....

Thursday there will be a show and tell of what I purchased as normal and any updates about my stitching week and whether the ants in my pants have settled to let me get really focused ...

Just a quick reminder for anyone who would like the chance to win a mouse mat with Homespun Stitchworks designs and fabrics on it and contact details, you have until 6pm this Thursday to leave a comment on last Fridays blog and I will get my lovely neighbour to pick out three pieces of paper from the vintage bowl......  Winners announced this Friday.

So that is it for today as I really must be getting on with this sampler and photographing treasures etc so that I can put them away. I have really been good in my sewing room at keeping it tidy and neat.  Having a small hand held dyson in here helps and I really do not mind dusting in here around all the old kilner jars filled with buttons, thread, ribbons and all sorts of treasures.... 

Have a great day and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Ooooh those leaves are made from such a gorgeous fabric and sweet little acorn. Looks so lovely and autumnal. I'm feeling autumnal as well and looking forward to my American quilts arriving. I've been thinking about this year's Christmas theme and I'm going back to my favourite New England prim look. That means a real tree with ornies (as they call ornaments ). I have ordered some old quilt pieces in greens and reds from LouLou Retro which I intend to make into ornies for the tree. I would also like to buy two large Amish barn stars for the wall either side of the mantelpiece. It will be lovely to hear about your holiday, I will have to live vicariously through you as there is not a hope of us going there.
    The mousemat sounds so pretty but I'm not sure how many people still use one, maybe it could be used some other way? We are all tablets and ipads here.
    Enjoy your sewing and dreaming.
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Sounds fabulous your Christmas theme, I too adore Barn Stars and have several around the house all year including one that is pride of place in the garden on the shed! Not a barn but close cousin!

      I know about the mouse mat but I do still use one for my laptop, have and I Pad too but it is easier on my laptop for things like my blog and photos mostly.

      I am very much looking forward to my holidays and will post lots of photos when I return.

      Enjoying my stitching and dreaming and you enjoy your ornie making ... Lou Lou Retro fabric is fabulous isn't it!

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. I do love those leaves and acorn - adorable. You are right about the Fair. I came back quite inspired and a little impatient for the end of October to come round - I am without question so looking forward to finishing work and having time to dedicate to sewing and unlocking my creative side. I find it difficult when I only have half a day - I never know where to start and so end up doing little. Howeve, yesterday, I did make a little prairie doll keepsake for my daughter (not sure what she will make of it as she is in her thirties!! 😏 But I did so enjoy making her. Seven weeks is not long- how exciting! Mo xxxx

    1. It's not long Mo but that said it's the waiting isn't it!

      It will be wonderful being able to have time to create and sew.

      There is a firm feeling that Autumn is on its way too.
      I am sure your daughter will love her doll we all still have a little girl in us however old we are ..

      Sarah xxxxx

  3. I love the Oak. O look out of the window everyday and watch the big Oak tree through the seasons, have done for the last twenty-seven years. There year there is a noticeable lots of bright green dots scattered about the tree shining in the sunlight, Acorns!

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. How lovely julie I love an acorn tree.
      I go rummaging for acorns here ( further up our road) and keep small cups for crafting and the acorns I bring home for the squirrels in our garden!

      Sarah xxxxx