Tuesday 29 August 2017

Itching to be stitching!

Autumn is whispering in
the trees as I look out of
my sewing room window.
Mr squirrel has become 
very busy indeed .. sure sign.

After a absolutely fabulous weekend I am so ready to be sat in my stitchery room with my needles threaded,  awaiting the start of my sewing and creative day.  The fairs were amazing and I will be reporting on them for you when photos are collated and photos are taken of my treasures.

The whole atmosphere of this kind of long weekend is amazing and with others to talk to about fabrics and threads it just gets you happy to be at home and sewing and full of enthusiasm, which I never lack in but it gets your creative juices flowing and wanting to create and slow stitch.

 I was thinking about my stitching to take on holiday and thought you know I could make the Christmas trees on the plane and then stuff them when I get home etc.  That way they are light and easy to just tuck in my carry on .... So with that in mind, the above picture of some gorgeous old quilt that I have, I think that may make some of them, what do you think?  I thought if I cut them out before I go I could do a little hand embroidery on them on the plane and then stitch them up on the machine when I get home.

Another little thing I could take are some buttons to cover as long as I cut out the fabric before I go as I like long sharp scissors for that and it is not permitted on the plane just little embroidery scissors ( its the length of the blades) so I could do some of those as well .... It may seem like I am taking some work with me but it is not.  I want to make them as gifts to decorate presents under the tree and the ladies then get a Christmas tree to keep as well.  I was thinking I could embroider some with words like 'Oh Holy Night' or' Angels Gather' or some such.

Back to present day and I am in full sort of Autumn swing.  I will be changing bits around in my house for Autumn ( quilts for beds as well as some glass pumpkins will be brought out.)  I like them all out for September and November.  I am trying to finish my Autumn sampler at the moment and some spin offs from it (little projects on the theme)

Also I want to design a sleeping hare picture, so will have to get my sketch journal out and my HB's and see what I can come up with, I love my design time.  I used to design and sketch every Wednesday but with all that has been going on this year its sort of snippets here and there right now.  This will be a joy on my holiday when I can go round taking photos and sketching things, I am looking forward to the freedom of just

Bumbling is an art form that some great friends of ours taught me and my husband years ago now.  It is when you are away from home even if it is for the day ... its holding hands and strolling along, stopping for several coffees or depending on the time of day a glass of wine and basically going no where fast .. bumbling is such a cleansing and unwinding pass time and we have decided to bumble lots on our travels ... of course when we return the clocks I believe will have reverted back so longer dark evenings will be here.  That is what I miss when the Summer season is over the light for stitching and even the daylight bulbs just do not have the same brightness and I always miss the butterflies in the garden, it is such a sadness in me when they are gone I can't explain it.  They are the first thing I look for when summer starts.

I have been making lists of things that I have to do and its getting to the point of me making lists about lists!!  Having to make sure that I have things ready to meet deadlines for work I am stitching before I go so that everything is done.  When I get back it is working on things for 2018 - it is such a scary thought but there it is.

It is time for me to fill up my coffee cup again and get on with my day with lots of things to do before I pick up a needle so with that in mind all that is left to say is have a fabulous day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Bumbling is great fun, we call is ambling along!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Ambling along I like that too. It is a very relaxing and unwinding thing to do..

      Sarah xxx

  2. Oooh I feel very inspired now. Those patchwork pieces are so pretty. I'm looking forward to making some old quilted tree decorations. I hadn't thought about embroidering them.
    We call it bimbling. At home I love to
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Glad to have inspired with the embroidery. Bimbling! now all the words are out I like that also ...

      Have a great time pottering at home, I call it that too ... at home.

      Sarah xxx