Friday 21 April 2017

My needle and thread with gorgeous fabrics ..... I have missed you.

Beautiful things come together
one stitch at a time.......

Well it has been a very long few weeks with my Mum!  Just to explain that my Mum has been diagnosed with Altziemers and she is fighting it all the way.  She believes there is nothing wrong with her and looks at me and my Sister with disbelief.  When she says to us there is nothing wrong we try to explain that physically she is fit but her brain has become fuzzy she stares at us ... in the next breath she is saying we need to dig tunnels to escape because we are in danger and the toilets where she is staying at the moment have all been removed by goblins ....  When she talks it is disjointed and she puts together lots of different subjects and it comes out as babble.  The hospital are trying to sort her meds out but it is proving difficult and we have spent every waking hour with her practically and meds.
it has become too much.  She says every day she has not seen us since Christmas and knows no time or date ....  Basically my Sister and I have been told to get on with our lives, as sad as it has been to us.  Mum could be like this for a decade and in no uncertain terms the Hospital has said we need to rest more and live our lives.  I need to return back here and to my stitchery and so we are going to start a different regime to help us all.  This is the update in shorthand basically as Mum can not go to a care home until she settles more and keeps taking her

So I am back here where I am happy and I am picking up my needle and thread today for the first time in six weeks!!  I wonder will I remember how LOL.

I am turning my mind towards sewing and design and actually getting the house back together and cooking meals again ...... I think my lovely husband was so pleased when he heard.  He has been my rock and so very patient but it is time to live again.   If my Mum could be herself for five minutes she
would have something to say to me.  ' Live your life Sarah you only have one and do not worry about looking after me, let the professionals do that ' I know she would.  Years ago we had a conversation when my Dad was alive as well and they both agreed that we would never care for them and they would go to a home and we would  visit..... they both agreed very strongly that they did not want us to become carers and cross the child/parent line .... So right now they would be very cross.  This is why I am just going to visit a few times a week instead of being there daily.

There will be lots of fairs for me to attend as the season is now in full swing and I have only managed a handful and not even reported on them, I have had no time.... That said I took photos at the Vintage Bazaar in Frome so I will be loading them up I hope.  I have not even checked them so who knows they could be awful and not print worthy!! Eeek!

I need to do a post of May dates so I am collating those from today, so if you know of any please message me with all the details, date, time, address, entry fee and a bit about it so I can pop it on here.

I will hopefully be starting next week fully blogging for my four days that I do and get some stitching and photographing done as well.  I am also going to launch a fabulous competition as well to celebrate my return so watch this space.

My poor birds in the garden have suffered and not really been fed either so all things have to be resumed ... The visiting times are awkward at the hospital.  11.00am until 7pm .... the traffic getting to and from for me is an hour going and coming home so you can see it is right in the middle of the day. 

Deciding that I need a little order in my life I am going to right down a little time table ( not carved in stone) this will help me get organised until it is a way of life for me at the moment.

One thing I did manage in the last 6 weeks was go to the Ballet, it had been booked for months and my husband bless him insisted, and I am so glad that he did.  We went to see Mathew Bournes The Red Shoes and WOW WOW WOW.  We got dressed up all of us.. men in tux and ladies in evening
dress and we had champagne as well.   The ballet was outstanding and it started that they were all dressed in 1940's clothes and dancing in high heels and shoes for the men.  I got goose pimples watching.  The music was beautiful and they had some of the scores from The Ghost and Mrs Muir.  It is an old film and if you have not seen it I highly recommend it (even if it is in black and white) Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney ... You can probably get it now on DVD and it has been coloured.

Anyway part two was all in tutu's and ballet shoes and it was just amazing .... The hours seemed like minutes and for a while I was just so enthralled that nothing was wrong in the world it was so so good.  I was humming the music all the way home.

The promise of Summer is in the air and I have blossom on our apple trees and pear tree,  Everything is coming alive and I have so many blue bells at the moment too.  Lots to think about in the way of design and the warmer weather and sitting in the garden stitching watching Miss Muddy Beak go about her very busy days. 

Looking forward to eating in the garden of an evening and sipping a glass of wine with the warm sun on my face.

Next week I will  be blogging again and as soon as I pick up a needle and thread as sort my sewing room ( yes still not done, not even been in there really)  There was an ink spillage the other day when
I went in to tidy up and that stopped play, me sat crying because it was just too much but super husband came to the rescue with WD-40 and the George carpet cleaner kit..... It is now dry again and I hope to get a day in there a week until it is how I would like it.  For now I will pick up my design basket and finish the Christmas sampler that I am nearly there on and then it will be a case of opening my design book and choosing the next project.

I have had enquiries too from magazines and a few private so life could get very busy and interesting to say the least.

Have a fabulous weekend and all things being equal I will see you back here on Monday.... Thank you all for bearing with me at such a difficult time and a big transition for our family ..

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I send you big hugs. It is hard but you do have to live your life.

    I am still sorting my craft room - buttons now. I am preparing some to sell I have far too many!
    (I sent you an email the other day the 14th I think)

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Julie ... email? Will check my box.
      Sorry it's been manic.

      Good to be back Part Time

      Sarah xxx

  2. So lovely to see you blogging again Sarah, your mind needs a rest from the constant worry. I won't say too much about your mum as we have discussed it and you know I understand from my own experience how heartrending it is. I'm glad you are listening to the professionals and trying to have a life in between visiting.
    The Ghost and Mrs Muir is one of my favourite films. Red shoes sounds amazing, I remember the film.
    Time in the garden will do you good as nature has healing ways for the mind. Lots of love Dawn xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn!
      Yes so much is going on but I need time out too! Taken advice and sorting a plan!

      Thank you so much xxxxx

  3. How lovely to have you back Sarah - you have been missed. I'm sure getting back to a routine again will be very restorative for you. Much love, Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo! I have missed it and really need to get some life back.
      I am very tired but PT back will do me good ..
      Hope to see you soon
      Sarah xxx