Friday 28 April 2017

Cranborne Garden Vintage Fair.

Gorgeous venue and so pretty
amongst all the flowers and herbs.

My weekend off from it all to visit vintage fairs was going well, Saturday at Love Lane Vintage and Sunday at this little fair.  Now it did not have 40 plus stalls but oh boy it was good. A intimate vintage gathering with wonderful treasures to be found, people I had never met before just starting out on the vintage road and a wonderful venue with all the flower and herbs scents that filled this sunny Sunday day.....

There is a vintage barn that is always there and inside I know two of the four ladies who share this space.  Firstly there is Jenny of Tilly-D and then you have the lovely Elaine of Fab Fairs ... the barn was stacked with such treasure and it was such a lovely sunny and warm day again both fairs over the weekend had been so lucky. To visit this gorgeous Dorset village is amazing anyway with such a pretty village, a pub and the garden centre with additional little independant shops but with the added addition of more vintage stalls as well.  Sometimes the Cranborne Estate opens its gardens and it going to do so in August when another vintage fair is planned as well.

I got to catch up with Jenny and Elaine who I have not seen in absolute months and also able to make
some rather lovely purchases .  They had a few people outside with there own gazebo's and then there were some really gorgeous stalls inside one of their buildings there.  There is the Garden Centre shop as well as all the plants along with a little cafe with seating inside and out.  If you have never been to Cranborne then you ought to make time to visit.  There is always the vintage barn full, plus a vintage bookshop down the road with a vintage little shop in the back with fabrics, buttons, threads and more that Tilly-D stocks on a weekly basis so there is always lots going on and a vintage fair at the weekend was just the cherry on a lovely cake!

So being as I know Elaine and Jenny well I wanted to go and see them first so that I could say hello and have a little catch up.  The Vintage Barn had lots of people wandering around it looking at all the wonderful treasures that were there on display and for purchase.  It was such a variety in there from amazing fabrics, needlework books and magazines, baskets (I KNOW!!) buttons, threads, china, furniture, hand painted signs on old wooden doors, glass, blankets and all sorts of wonderful vintage goodies... you just had to keep looking because you could miss something.

It was all beautifully displayed and set out for you to see and look at your leisure.....

As you can see Tilly-D had some gorgeous haberdashery and fabrics on offer with bunting lined
rafters it looked so inviting.   I bought a couple of bits from Jenny then concentrated on what Fab Fairs had to offer because I could see baskets ... a whole row of different vintage baskets hanging on hooks and I could not decide or take my eye off them.. with a little help from the ladies who said have all three of the ones I liked  (no I did not purchase 3 as I had bought a basket the day before at the Love Lane Vintage Fair ... it was time to eliminate on them.  One of them was similar in shape to one I had bought from Elaine (Fab Fairs) last year so that was put to one side.  Then there was a dear little green one that I loved but had a little damage on the handle, nothing that I would have worried about but remember this was elimination time ... so it was finally decided on the third one I liked .. Photos later in the week ....

Then we moved on and looked around in the other room by the cafe with lots of people with stalls in there.  First I found Anne Marie of Sky Blue and she had some superb vintage goodies as always with brooches, haberdashery, hats and lots more on offer.  I did purchase a gorgeous thing from her .. it had to be done and they were so gorgeous and rare ....

We had a lovely chat and a quick catch up of where we would see each other again.  This lady and I have a shared love of pom pom making too!

Then I came across someone I had never seen or heard of before and for a lady so young she had a great eye for vintage goodies.  There were packs of vintage empherma and needles, thimbles, bunting packs made from very old seed packets, china, threads and embroidery bits and all sorts of wonderful things.  Lavender and Belle Vintage was really a gorgeous stall to look through and photograph as well.  I had a little word and also she had something I wanted but it was at home and she got in touch and I was able to buy from her and get it posted by Wednesday!

Then I found Vintage Jones and the again the stall had so much to look at, although she had sold a bit by the time I got to her.  That is the trouble you can not get to everyone first and you sometimes wonder what you have passed up but that is the nature of a vintage treasure hunt!

Thrilled to bits was there with a stall and again I had never heard or seen this lady before but love her
name of her little business ... Its a name that will stick in most peoples minds.  It was an eclectic array of vintage goodies for the home and I was allowed to take some great photos for you to see..

Some gorgeous old blue glass, brooches and tea services were part of what was on offer...

The Dolls House was there with a huge stall outside and this was their very first fair, they also have a stand in Toad Hall in Wimborne so you could go there and have a look.  Now this had treasure everywhere and of every type gorgeous little vintage ironing boards with irons for big kids! eiderdowns ( no I didn't) bottles, coathangers, garden things like a fabulous wheelbarrow and tools and lots of things to tempt all with including vintage linens and old suitcases! so eye catching.

Jen-Tique had an outside stall as well and there were some lovely garden vintage bits from tin baths
and buckets to wonderful herb plaques, boots and wooden shoe maker moulds ... there was vintage glass and furniture as well...

Everywhere was getting so busy now the little Dorset village had been taken over by treasure hunters and they were wandering around and filling the little cafe....

It was a really enjoyable few hours and we ourselves had some lunch there and a drink and then went to stroke the horse's that are in a field there.  They were very friendly and really gorgeous.  I really had a great weekend and felt very tired but rested... It is what my mind needed and I met up with some really lovely friends over the two days and met new people as well.

If you ever can get to Cranborne I thoroughly recommend it and as I say there are some lovely things in the village and places to eat....

Well I hope you have a nice time having a little look at this great event.  Have a wonderful Weekend and hopefully I will see you back here on Monday..

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Looks like that was a wonderful fair

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. It was really charming Julie .... the weather was perfect too..

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. Just catching up with your blogs Sarah. Cranborne sounds lovely. Look forward to seeing the baskets. It certainly kept your mind busy. Hope things are sorting themselves in your favour. Lots of love xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      It was a lovely fair and one basket I bought at the Love Lane Vintage is on another blog earlier in week. Next week is the basket from this fair.

      Its a bit fraught at the moment, hoping things will get better soon.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Lovely write-up. Looks like a gorgeous event xx

  4. Sounds utterly charming Sarah. Glad you had a lovely weekend to feed your soul. Two baskets in one weekend! Look forward to seeing your treasures. Have a lovely weekend. Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo! It was a really lovely little event. 2 baskets! Couldn't help myself!

      Have a lovely weekend ..
      Sarah xxxxxx