Saturday 15 February 2014

china pincushion dolls

Good morning dear readers

Back over the Christmas period, as you all know, our lovely friend Jo came to stay.  She stayed with us and her lovely Aunt, who does not live that far away from us.

On a few occasions I was invited in to have a coffee with her Aunt Valerie and we all sat chatting.  Valerie loves crafts and is a very accomplished stitcher herself so there was lots to talk about.

On one of these occasions her Aunt had been clearing things out and she gave me two china ladies, that is just there top halves!  We didn't know what they were then.  Another friend of mine told me they were china pincushion dolls and that you made a skirt from fabric and stuffed it to put pins in, I was delighted....

I have done a little research into them and most of them were made in Germany.

My mission now is to find a beautiful fabric for each that matches the hand painting and restore them to there former glory.......

Happy Stitching!

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