Friday 21 February 2014

applique and embroidery tips.... with vintage fabrics

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I was pondering the other day over which needle and what thread to use on something that I am working on and then I thought maybe to talk a little about it.

It is always best to get the right equipment and for applique you really do need the applique needles, which are sharp and slightly fine.  Always thread your needle with a matching silk thread so that you can secure the fabric design to whatever you are attaching it too with invisible stitches. You can then embellish it with either a little running stitch or some embroidery.

You can buy proper applique pins which are smaller  and have a good size head on them for ease of handling.

Crewel needles are best for embroidery and they have a sharp point and a large eye, this makes it easier to work with.  If a needle is too small for your chosen thread you can find it hard to not only thread the needle
but to draw it through your fabric.

If you are ever unsure then when you are buying needles and thread, ask in the shop and they will be able to guide you to the correct equipment needed for what you would like to achieve.  It is also great to support your local shops......

When using vintage fabrics it is best to have the correct needle so that you do not damage the delicate fabric.  Unpicking antique fabrics can sometimes damage them so I feel for a few pounds it is better to invest in the correct needles and pins.  I also have a needle sharpener which enables me to use each needle for a little longer and has been a great investment.

I hope some of the above has been helpful and enjoy your day.

Happy Stitching

It is a fallacy to think that original design can only be 
achieved after years of training!

Ernest Thesiger
'Aventures of embroidery'

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