Wednesday 12 February 2014

Stitching and embroidery!.... sweet bliss

Good morning all

I would like to say that yesterday went very well.  The train was on time!! and I had a wonderful day researching...  I would like to thank Jennifer and Pauline for making me so welcome and for all their help and for Richard for making it all possible.

So today I am going to collate some of my work and then sit down to sweet stitchery....

Whilst on the train I found myself doodling designs, I live and breathe what I do. I have to say I am glad not to be a crime writer, can you imagine their thoughts daily!!!

I will be doing some more magazine work and I have other projects in the making.  It is wonderfully exciting.  I can not show you what I am doing for these as of course the magazines want my work to be unseen until publication.....  I will keep you informed as to where and when.

So today have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and enjoy the fireside whilst dreaming of Spring.

Happy Stitching!
Make the process of sewing a pleasure for yourself.
Nancy Zieman

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