Thursday 27 February 2014

Toile de jouy.... treasure at a vintage fair!

Good morning to you all

Well as promised I am sharing my finds at the vintage fair and flea market that I went to last Sunday.  The weather was not great but what I was after was inside and it was warm and inviting and packed solid to the rafters with vintage goodies.....

I have shown you my prize find of paisley and today I am going to share with you three panels of toile de jouy.

Toile is from the French word meaning linen cloth or canvas.  The fabric itself usually has little scenes and flowers scattered over in a pattern form.  They are very old pieces, which are in good condition. and getting rare and are stunning.

I got three pieces and they are all hand quilted, probably from bedspreads in beautiful houses in France.

I am not sure what these will be sewn into as yet but be assured that they will not be in my precious stash drawer for none to see for very long.....

I hope you enjoy looking at them and whatever you are doing today, I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Stitching....

This piece is  circa 1805 and is Mulhouse French toile de jouy.

This piece is circa 1800 toile de jouy and is stunning.

circa 1805 toile de jouy ... sorry it is sideways!

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