Monday 10 February 2014

Embroidery patterns and books

Good morning all!

I have been searching for some vintage embroidery stamps and also some of the vintage pre stitched monograms and initials for my work...... I found some of the later so I am very pleased.

Some ladies years ago would buy the felt initial and you positioned it on the linen or hankie and white stitched over it so that it would become raised and fastened into place.  Others would stamp on an initial or pattern.  You can still find, if you are lucky, the old rubber rollers to roll on your design and then you have to stitch over it.

In addition to the above you could buy the paper patterns to do your designs.  I have one that I bought and it is stunning work.  Mostly what you can get now is the vintage French designs, which happen to be a favourite of mine.

You can buy some lovely white work embroidery books to show you how.

Have a go yourself embroidering a little design or initial onto a pillow case or corner of a sheet for a present to a new mum for her baby.......

What ever you are doing today have a wonderful day. 

Happy Stitching!
Needlework is a way to capture love, beauty, peace and time.....

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