Saturday 22 February 2014

French knots

Good morning

One of my favourite stitches is the French knot.... It is a simple stitch that if clustered or combined with another can look outstanding!

I am experimenting with knots and chain stitch at the moment and do enjoy seeing what kind of things you can create with it.  Add a bit of vintage fabric into the mix and it is quite pleasing.

I am sure most of you have tried this stitch but I am going to leave you with a diagram of how it is done and of a sheep that I stitched on the little house sampler.

Have a go at practising new stitches on scraps or combining them in different ways, it is fun and some of the results are wonderfully surprising.....

Enjoy your weekend......

Happy Stitching

A woolly sheep with French knots......

bring your needle up through your fabric then twist around
some thread (the more twists, the larger the knot) and
hold on to the slack of thread and put needle back through
where you came up and pull tightly......
voila .. French knot!

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