Wednesday 5 February 2014

Needlework is an outlet for creative instinct

Good morning to you all

Well it looks like the heavens are opening again with rain.  Yesterday we had thunder and hail.  It has also turned cold again, I am a chilly mortal I know but I am feeling the cold at the moment.

So whilst I write this to you all I am sipping my cup of coffee and watching an ingenious squirrel climb about and pick the bits of nuts out of the scoop of bird food I have put out!!

Today I am hopefully going to finish another piece of stitching I have been working on.  I do feel that what I do is like painting but with thread...... Others of you sew and I get some lovely emails. Needlework, which ever form it takes, is an art.  You only have to walk around the V & A or Hampton Court to appreciate that.

At school I wasn't interested in sewing, only Art because I really did not want to make a apron from gingham and skirt from what can only be described as a clingy and horrid colour fabric.  I remember asking about embroidery but was told ' it's not on the curriculum' !!! So I threw myself into art.  For the O levels we had to produce three pieces of work, two throughout the year and one on exam day.  All different mediums.  I did peppers ( the kind you eat, red, green, yellow) I drew some with pencil, I made some from clay and on the day I did a collage of them with fabrics!!!  my sewing teacher was amazed as it seemed to her, at least, that I had no interest in sewing at all.....

What is so lovely about what I do now is that I am creating a picture from fabrics and stitching, and it really is an outlet for creative instinct.

So I am away to my sewing and designs and whatever you do today have a great one!

But just before I go dear readers........
Those nice people at Microsoft have kindly upgraded me to Internet Explorer 11.
Why am I telling you this? Because I nearly had a laptop shaped hole in my window last night after fighting with my blog as nothing seemed to work. But my readers, I have a very clever husband who came to said laptop's rescue and to the rescue of my hair, which I was pulling out! All's well that ends well, but if you find anything strange when looking at my blog please message me.  Thank you.

Happy Stitching

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