Sunday 9 February 2014

Sunday sketching and thoughts of vintage!

Good morning

With the weather like it is at the moment in this part of the world, it really is open fire time and Roast dinners!  There will be lamb roasting in the oven later and the fire is already lit.  It is not a good time to go walking with the winds howling and all the floods we are experiencing, it is actually safer to stay put indoors.  On a Sunday I really do not want to be doing housework so whilst my husband reads happily or looks a clip of a fast car zooming around the track, I dream of vintage and doodle and sketch ideas that pop into my head.

Sunday is, I know, a day of rest dear readers but to me this is relaxing and somehow as it is the weekend it seems not like work just enjoyment.

I have been looking at different patterns within vintage fabrics today and looking to see what I can see in them.....from that designs are jumping out at me!

So I am away to my doodles.......

Happy Sunday!!

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