Tuesday 4 February 2014

Stitching with vintage!

Good morning dear readers

Well today I am going on a little expedition to have a look at some more vintage fabrics, linens and darling buttons.  Some of these beauties will surely come home with me.

I enjoy my buying time, there is something about looking at fabric, in particular, and thinking on the spot what could I turn this into.  It really is amazing, almost like the ready steady cook of the fabric world.  Although I could probably come home with practically all of it, I do have to think price and what can be done.  Sometimes I confess I see some fabrics and they are exquisite but I know with the finished product ( especially if framing costs are going on top) that It would be hard to sell, SO I sometimes buy and make something for our home instead with it.

Mostly all the fabrics have been washed and lightly ironed already so I can then label them with their cost and wrap them up and pop them in their rightful storage place......... which I seem to enjoy too!!

I then go and have a coffee out somewhere and write down my sums in my book.

So today I hope whatever you are doing you will have a very enjoyable day too.

You can't buy happiness
you can buy fabric and that is pretty close!!

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