Tuesday 25 February 2014

Vintage fabric find..... and what a find it is....

Good morning all

Well as you will know I went to a vintage fair on Sunday and I found some amazing fabrics, linens, buttons, ribbons and toile de jouy panels that are from 1800 !!  To say I am happy is an under statement.

So over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my finds and then as they are used in my designs, you will see what I do with them.

Today I am going to share with you my most precious find of all in a way.  Not the oldest but this paisley in this length, not used, still with the wax on it..... OOOH!

The colours are amazing and it measures 3mtrs 10cm x 1mtr 14cm..... I will need to wash it to get the wax off and then I can dry and press it and it will be a softer cotton. The fabric is from the 1930's and was probably for an eiderdown that was not made..... hooray....

I met a lovely lady called Liz who had this piece on her stall and there it was just waiting for me.  I asked Liz how she could bare to sell it ( whilst clutching it in my arms so she could not change her mind!) and she informed me with a smile that she in fact had some herself that she would be keeping!..... very shrewd I thought and very pleasing that someone in the business of selling such wonderful fabrics and vintage goodies actually enjoys them their selves too!

I have some special liquid wash that I will use on this beauty, and at £10 a small bottle it is saved for my vintage fabrics and not our normal wash!  It has a faint smell of roses and it is very mild.

So I have taken a photo for you to see the fabric before washing it.  I hope you enjoy the look and you will see some of this on a up and coming project, I can assure you.

I told Liz I would keep stroking this :)))) and probably sleep with it by my pillow!

Happy Stitching and enjoy your day!

three meters of this! can you believe it?
I keep pinching myself.....

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