Sunday 2 February 2014

vintage thread spools

Good morning all

The other day I found some amazing vintage thread spools and as if that was not enough excitement, they had quite a bit of thread on them.  There was an amazing green and a red and blue and a particular one from J P Coates, which is button twill........

I am very fond of vintage J P Coates things as my wonderful neighbor and dear friend used to work for them and I have happy memories of sitting in our garden in the summer with pizzas cooking on the b. b. q. and sipping wine, whilst he tells me stories of how it used to be.  I have always been a captive audience, as I enjoy history and stitching and everything about stitching and threads.

My lovely neighbor is very poorly at the moment and it's distressing as he has become like a surrogate dad to me and a dear dear friend.  I am also good friends with his wonderful wife and his daughters.

So can you imagine when I saw this great find, how thrilled I was.  So when I go visit we can chat if he is up to it, about J P Coates and their amazing (now vintage) stock....

I am really happy that these threads are with me.

Happy Stitching!


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