Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Cotswold Vintage Fair .... A must for every calender

Exceptional venue
packed to the rafters with
untold vintage treasures!

Oh what a wonderful day that we had in the Cotswolds, that on its own is fabulous let alone going
along to such a great event.  It is held both inside and out and has a beautiful marquee outside with stalls all around the sides of the marque and Trestle tables all through the middle with jars of wild flowers on and chairs for you to sit and have a drink and something to eat and just stare at gorgeous treasures laid out on the stall holders tables.

The only blip this time is that the weather did not play ball we had rain showers which on its own would not have been too bad but it was blowing a hoolie!  I thought if I click my heels I would have been in Kansas!  As a result of that I did not get really any photos of outside this time or the poor stall holders who were in their own little tents because they were battling with the high winds and holding on to things... it was such a shame. Every photo I tried to take was wind swept ... It was mostly garden things but there were some who were selling fabrics too.

When we arrived we were greeted by this handsome chap at the door, puppy Winston and he was adorable.  Helping take the entrance fee but collecting more cuddles than anything!

Everyone was wind swept but happy and the stall holders inside the hall were fairing a little better but with the doors all open for people to walk in and out it was still a little blowy ... We met up with Clare, Mike and their two gorgeous daughters as we walked in and we were bought a coffee! it was
just what was needed.  We had a long catch up as they had been to Paris for a holiday and we wanted to hear all about it.  I was told by Clare that there was a lady with some lovely bits of fabrics and that she had old eiderdown fabrics as well as some paisleys, this needed to be investigated thoroughly!

The rain was dancing sideways and the wind was very bad indeed I felt sorry for the brave stall holders outside clutching on to their little marquees and windbreaks ... The large marquee put up was whistling and blowing and making creaking noises but you know
everyone was laughing and smiling and happy still to be there.

I caught up with Jo of Hesta Nesta fame and her lovely husband and I think we laughed so much at one point that it was heard over the weather! Her stall as always was brimming with outstanding goodies.  She also had some fabrics as well ... well it had to be done!

Alison of Betty & Violet was there which was fabulous as she now has a shop too and we had a
lovely chat  and found out that she was going to the shop after the fair closed so we met at her shop as well, you are all in for a treat because I took some wonderful photos for you of the shop as well as these of her beautiful stall....

Catching up with friends at these events is part of the joy, seeing what each other have truffled for a start or having a chat, some of which are stall holders anyway but somehow we all get a chance to see what each other has been up to or made in some cases.  You get to talk vintage, stitchery, holidays and what they themselves have found to keep.  It is a real social occasion as well as like being in the best shopping mall ever ...

My husband was looking very hungry so I thought it best to get him to the vintage cafe to order.  We had not had breakfast and it was fast approaching lunch time so we went up and had a sandwich each.  The choices were beef and tomato chutney, cheese and chutney or Tuna mayo with sweetcorn.  It was hand cut bread both white or brown so we made our choice.  The cakes were there so my husband ordered two bits, he had lemon drizzle and a tea bread, which he has not stopped talking about!! ( there we are Nicki he tested two just for you! well that was his excuse anyway.)  I had a piece of the chocolate cake, well it goes so well with coffee! the other choices were carrot cake, cookies or white and milk
chocolate muffins .. All homemade and what we had tasted were so good.

Now that he was happy again and not looking like he was about to collapse from hunger I was free to continue my treasure hunt and wander around.   I found the lovely Suzi of Hearts 'n' Kisses and there she was smiling away and chatting to everyone.

The Vintage Blanket Company was there too and some gorgeous blankets for sale as well as soaps and other treasures, my husband it very fond of the soap so he always gets some to last him until the next show that we bump into them.

Suitably Vintage were there and outside in that weather.  They had positioned themselves very
cleverly with a 4x4 behind them and to their left was the big marquee and so they were a little sheltered but still they were brave I can tell you.  This couple are so lovely and had some gorgeous bits on their stall, I had found them later in the day because of where they had tucked themselves and their stall was rather depleted but they had a good day and were still smiling and greeting people! Can you see the ribbons?

Then I met with Rosiebud Decorative and her stall was really very beautiful and eye catching as you can clearly see. Being inside as well she was fairing not too badly.  Beautiful flower arrangements around all of the vintage treasures.  There were cushions and also some vintage quilt bits, I did not get any because I actually have a huge box of quilt pieces and I really need to use more in my work before I buy some more but there was some really beautiful pieces there.

Then for the first time for me I met Honeysuckle and Rose and they informed me that they had just come back from a buying trip to France.  There were lots of home wares fresh from France including the French glass jam jars, mustard pots and pate pots, bird cages and lots of different French treasures.  It was lovely to talk and look around their beautiful stall.

Tigley Textiles was next and wow, well you can see from the photos how talented this lady is with mixed media and stitchery.  She had an original on show, which was not for sale as mostly she sells
prints of her work.  There were some smaller originals there for sale in box frames though.  It was a delight to stop and look as you can see from the photos.

I found Vintage Treasures who was braving it by the door inside, the doorways were mostly open
with people going in and out and a gust of wind would come through and helping hands were about to stop things flying off their displays.  There were hand stitched dish clothes, buttons, blankets and vintage patterns to name but a few treasures.... the name was very apt for this lovely stall.

Vintage Pink .. what can I say, I could have done some serious damage on this stall with the most
scrummy of eiderdowns and quilts but yes dear reader on this occasion I resisted.  We still want to move as you know and I am not buying anymore for a house I do not have yet BUT I took her card!  Just look at the beautiful photos.  I was just stroking them.  All in immaculate condition and smelt fresh as a daisy .. outstanding stall and really very good of me to resist.  In fact my husband actually put is hand on my forehead to see if I was ill at all!

Then there was the lovely Linda Campbell-Down and her stall of some rather gorgeous vintage
treasures including dolls.  This stall is a really beautiful eclectic range of vintage treasures and it always looks so stunning.  There are lots of antique toys and not for playing with anymore but just to have as decoration.  Also some beautiful old shoes as well.  If this is your thing then you need look no further .. a collectors paradise!

Now Hellish Designs was there as well and what a delight her stall was with some gorgeous covered lampshades, I so wanted to get some but again I was really good because I am now waiting until I have signed a contract and moved ...I can no longer buy for what I do not have or might have soon. When I move I think I might go wild in the aisles and get all that is needed.  It will be my luck I will move this year when all the fairs are over and will have to wait for next years rounds to start OR I will contact these lovely people and say ... please post to me!

Last but no way least was The Painted Room ... This was the lady selling some vintage fabrics that
were outstanding .. no surprise I bought a large piece of fabric from her.  Oh my her stall was really beautiful, she braved it outside in a little bit of shelter with her own gazebo and was holding on to things most of the time I was there.  I really loved this stall and I hope to see her again....

I am afraid that was all the photos that I managed in the hoolie that was raging and I would like to thank all of the traders who bravely battled in it to bring pleasure to us vintagers who in whatever the weather will go foraging for treasures!

Going home was lively and a little scary at times but I just could not have missed out on this great event that only happens yearly! .. We had something to eat and made our way home and arrived back fairly late but fed, watered and happy!

I will be doing a show and tell as well also a blog on the beautiful shop that is Betty and Violet and the lovely Alison who owns it .... So for now take care and hope you enjoyed this.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wow those everything looks wonderful, pity about the weather, but I bet it didn't stop people going
    Julie xxx

    1. Hi Julie
      It was really good, it stopped some trader who would have been outside but not the crowds ... They came and they bought.

      Hope you have a great day.
      Sarah xxxx

  2. I think I need to put that on the calender for next year. We've had lots of things of Heather at Hellish Designs, I love her stuff.
    Lynn x

    1. Hi Lynn

      Yes its a great one for the calender and of course you then have the village of Broadway 5 minutes down the road which is stunning and has places to stay as well as the shop Betty and Violet... when I get the dates for this I will be publishing them on here!
      Sarah x

  3. I feel as though I've been there. You are excellent at evoking a sense of place with your writing Sarah, which I think is because you use all of your five senses to paint a picture.
    We had a lovely time in the Cotswolds earlier this year, staying within walking distance of Bourton on the Water. The doggies loved the water. Xxx

  4. Hi Sarah, thank you for the lovely review ( I'm Vintage Pink). I do love your inspiring posts. Look forward to many more reads.
    Best wishes Ginny 😊