Tuesday 9 August 2016

Stunning red fabrics and candle light!

In Winter I get up at night
and dress by yellow candle light
In Summer quite the other way
I have to go to bed by day!

Robert Louis Stevenson


Well I bit the bullet yesterday afternoon and had a look through my fabrics for Christmas ideas and inspiration for a design to go to a magazine... I had some inspiration from a reader, Dawn who said about finding some beauty in Winter, and I do.  I love the fact that I can have candles going all around the house and the warm glow that they give also fairy lights twinkling too.

That in mind, I found a winter spice candle, and had that going in my stitchery room and sorted through red fabrics to see what I could see...

I found some beauties as you will see with checks, flowers and bold red and white vintage patchwork pieces... and although I was not singing I'll be home for Christmas, I found the beauty in Winter to inspire my hunt...Thinking of pretty reds and
whites with a little floral thrown in for good measure along with pretty reds, creams and off white threads .... along with stripes of old French linens as well.  I actually was in my element in the end and loving going through such beautiful fabrics and notions.

I have some designing to do tomorrow but I think that I may have a few ideas to play with so wish me luck ... The beauty in Winter made me find my ho ho ho!

Then of course I started looking at vintage carved mother of pearl buttons too and nothing says Christmas like stars twinkling, although I do have some carved doves too .... 

I think the stars win though and they look really beautiful with there shell hues, which are all different, what do you think of my choices so far?

I started to think about gingerbread cookies and cinnamon tea as well and all the smells and prettiness of winter.  In the garden with Christmas roses and red berries and green foliage.  It did help that it
was a slightly cloudy day with a sprinkling of light rain when I was doing this and not blazing sunshine but it worked.

I then found some red and white vintage patchwork pieces and thought about stitching them all together with other beautiful fabrics like the check one above and making another bit of patchwork out of it all and hand quilting the fabrics that I add and then embellishing it all and getting it framed as a Christmas picture/sampler and I think it might work out rather well.

I adore reds and whites myself and love it around the house from November through to March.  It looks warming and great over the Christmas period and through the dark days of January and the February valentine  period when we still have open fires crackling and winter spice candles going ... It is one of my favourite colours and I like to wear red as

So I have my thoughts gathered for designing tomorrow and have hunted and gathered inspiration from beautiful vintage fabrics, quilt pieces, buttons and threads ... wish me luck!

I hope you all have a fabulous day today and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I am trying to work out a quilt for my youngest granddaughter, but I need to be very subtle in the way I make it........ I want to make it using red and white. I love the colour red anyway, but on this occasion I have to be very careful, my granddaughter's name is Scarlett.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. I love red and whites and what a lovely name your granddaughter has ... would she mind having a very red and white quilt? Children normally love things with their names on,especially if it is unusual ..

    Would love to see it when it is made.

    Sarah xxxxx

  3. Mummy doesn't always like it, but I think if I'm subtle I'm sure I can get a way with it! Its actually going to be red and cream. Red crazy quilt squares with cream fabric surrounding, well that's my vision.........

    Everyone will get to see it
    Julie xxxxx

    1. Sounds amazing and of course a beautiful heirloom for her to pass down for future generations and made by Scarletts Grandma ... what a gift!

  4. Sarah,it's made my day that I have been able to help. I love everything that you have chosen and you've even made me think of cosy evenings in winter. I love red (we have scarlet gingham curtains in our lounge) and I love all of the American Homespun fabrics as used in Primitive work. In fact, it was my love of the word homespun that lead me to your page. It's a wonderful word. Can't wait to see your project finished. I have a photo of something I made a couple of years ago after going to the American Museum in Bath. I will post it on your Facebook page. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Well it's thanks to your words that I have managed to think like this in the little Summer we are getting.
      Can not wait to see what you made.

      Thank you again.

      Sarah xxx

  5. Sarah, I simply love reds - I am always drawn to the myriad of shades available and always find room for a red cushion or throw in most rooms - can't help myself - so these fabrics are right up my street! Gorgeous - and you are forgiven for making me long for Autumn , which along with late summer, is actually my favourite time of year too! Hope your mum is on the mend soon! Maureen xx

    1. Maureen

      Thank you yes me too I am a red person and it is one of my favourite colours to wear too in the Winter with matching lipstick and nails ( the forties gal in me!)
      I am loving working with these colours but it is hard when the sun is still very warm here right now. That said I have found my groove and I am loving it. The fabrics that I found especially the old French red and white woven check one is stunning.

      Thank you Maureen for your kind words on my mum.

      Do not forget to read blog on Friday as it is vintage fair dates and I have put out a request for Scotland to find me some fairs on there....

      Sarah xxx