Saturday 27 August 2016

Make your own Clasp Purse.

Happy Weekend All

Today's little tutorial is how to make a clasp purse now that you know how to make a pattern.

The only thing is on this particular tutorial they glue their fabric in but I prefer to buy the stitch in
frames so you will need to stitch around the top so that it stays together and not fray and then put your fabric inside the frame and stitch.  I think that a contrasting thread looks pretty but you can buy invisible thread too.

Using vintage embroidered cloths to cut out for the purse front is a great time saver and makes a stunning purse.  Do not forget to line your purses .....  The slightly blurry picture on the right is a piece of vintage embroidered linen that I have and I am thinking this would make a beautiful clip purse.  Then line it with some French linen with an S monogram ... That is my idea, whats yours?  please let me know what you have made or your ideas for your purse .... I bought large clip frames so mine will be like a little clutch bag more that a coin purse.  I believe you can buy chains to attach so you can put it over your shoulder, but I have not looked into that properly yet.  Do you know if that is the case?

Anyway enjoy your Bank Holiday and I will be back here on Tuesday not Monday as going to enjoy my few day break in Devon.  It is much needed.  Have a fabulous long weekend...I am having a really lovely time and the weather is behaving! shhhhhh

Happy Stitching!

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