Monday 1 August 2016

Gorgeous fabrics, stunning button and oodles of threads and ribbon lucky!

The risk of a wrong decision is
 preferable to the terror of indecision.

Well it has been a few days pondering over the whale button picture.  I have had to keep going through gorgeous fabrics (not the worst job in the world you understand but still!) Not wanting to make a mistake at all.  When you start cutting about beautiful old fabrics it needs to be right, and it has come to the statement above now...  Yes ladies and gents I still have not cut out any fabrics because I keep changing my mind, which, is not like me at all.

Part of the problem lies in do I cut a particular thing out of scraps of vintage quilts, which is more bulky or do I cut it out of fabrics which is not ?!  If I cut things out then you have butchered good pieces of fabrics or quilt that then could have been left whole for something else.  Well today is the day because the terror of indecision is driving me insane!  and so not me to think like this ...

I am airing on the side of quilt pieces to be honest so I am thinking ... go for it Sarah!  I tell you all
often enough to let your work speak for its self and now I am not listening and not taking my own advice, in addition to that I am so cross with myself for it .... last week I was talking of starting it and I have in a way because it is drawn out but start to cut and stitch, I have not, because of which fabric to choose for the appliqué....

The thing is both the fabrics and the quilt pieces speak to me but I have been at a loss as to which one
is shouting the loudest .. Oh well today is D Day here and I am going to start this morning come what may .... I have laid both out and I am going to take one last look and then .. Va Va Voom ... it will be time to make the move.  not much got done and in the end I sat staring at all whilst eating a kit kat and drinking about the fourth coffee! maybe I had caffeine overload! at least it was four coffee's and not four kit kats! little comfort in this sad tale....

So I have decided to show you pictures of the fabrics and quilt pieces to show you why it has been so difficult for me but by the time you read this the scissors will be out and I will have started ... she says in a quiet low voice full of certainty and  boldness (fibs) ...laughing here whilst writing this! No honestly taking the photo's actually decided it for me which is really strange but great.  The decision has been made and I will show you the contenders for it all and the one that I actually chose .. So in
order from the top picture these are four fabrics that blended nicely.  Then it was quilt pieces with some old vintage blanket that looked like a contender too ...

The the quilt piece in picture three that could have been cut carefully to incorporate all three panels as well but then that one got put to one side very quickly .. even imagining it with the embroidery and embellishment ...  Finally this one this was the winner and you will see why....

It is thinner quilt that the above ones but more about it than just fabric.  It is stitched together and clever cutting of the pattern I have drawn would incorporate all of the different fabrics and less piecing together.  Then the top was added and I felt the picture deserved Mr Whale too ... this is the fabrics that have been chosen for ..... The Lighthouse!!!

Finally at peace with my decision and very happy with it, today is going to be a productive day as well.  I have got to collate the photos from the VB for you all for tomorrows blog but that will not take to long later in the day, but for now I am going to concentrate on piecing together this picture and taking the first stitches today ..... Then I can go between this one and my butterfly picture and all will be back to harmony and balance in my stitching room.  I can tell you something my husband will be pleased.. he is always my sounding board and I think he was starting to glaze over with it all!!  He also said he had never known me like this before either.  Personally it is a bit of 'lots going on in our lives right now' and it kind of clouds you up, like a fog sometimes.

We have decided that we are going to take a few days holiday in the next 5 weeks we think, maybe early September and it will do us some good....  We are talking about going to France for a little mini break.  More about that when we know.  I will also for that time be taking the days off fully and so it will mean a few days without a blog but I think I need a little time out to really relax and clear my head.

Well that is it for today and I am away to start the excitement of actually cutting out and piecing for appliqué and of course later sorting out photos for tomorrow's blog.  You will not be surprised to know how very very good the annual Vintage Bazaar Jumble was, so come back tomorrow when all will be back to normal here at Homespun HQ!!

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sometimes I cannot bring myself to cut vintage fabrics, then I never do what I wanted to do!
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. I know what you mean but cutting is about to begin Julie! Eeeeek

      Sarah xx

  2. I think after reading this that you have made the right choice, can't wait to see it finished. I often take photos of things because it almost gives you new eyes to see it with.
    Have fun xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn! I am now very pleased with my choice and how it's going this morning! Yeah!
      Sarah xx

  3. Well Sarah!lengthy deliberation is realised inspiration..... always worth the time xx

  4. Gosh Sarah, I really got a sense of your dilemma! I hate when that happens, but lengthy reflection is often the only way round it - in the end, it does seem as though the right fabric spoke up!! It sounds a delightful project. Xx

    1. Thank you Maureen! Gosh I had writers block symptoms for fabric!
      It has never happened before..

      Still in the end you are right ' it spoke' to me and as I stitch I am happy in the choices I made.

      Sarah xxx