Tuesday 2 August 2016

The Vintage Bazaar annual giant jumble ...

A time to truffle and rummage
to hunt and gather & catch up with
other like minded friends ...

This is an annual event held by the wonderful Vintage Bazaar in Frome, a time when gorgeous stall holders go through their stock and see what they can find to pass on to a new home at a reasonable

price.   This  is no ordinary jumble sale, no indeed, this is vintage and antique at its best with amazing stall holders and oodles of fabulous goodies to be found.  This event is not to be missed and should be in every diary across the land!  The top names in vintage are there and the atmosphere, as always, is wonderful.   It is as is says a jumble for people to have a good root around more that browse at the normally more structured stalls.  It is not in piles you understand but the dressing of the stalls is not the same as their other events..... Thus the Vintage Bazaar Giant Jumble!  Just look at these lovely people all dressed up .. Some of you may know Emma but the gentlemen with her are visitors to the VB all the time and always dress like this .... Don't they look amazing!!
If you have never been to Frome in Somerset then it is somewhere you ought to head to.  There is so much going on.  Apart from the Vintage Bazaars that are held at the Cheese and Grain there is a monthly vintage market and also artisan market held there too, where the town centre is closed for
people to wander from stall to stall...

It is a town with amazing people and a ambience that makes you relax totally, Frome is a personal favourite of ours ... so to go back time and time again is no hardship and when the VB is in town, well that's just the cherry
on the cake!!

Always greeted on the door by Mike and Jack, who as you know by now are the other half of the team VB which is Liz and Clare ( The Washerwoman and Daisy Darling)  plus Clare and Mikes gorgeous girls who now have vintage running through their veins it seems ... 

The Cheese and Grain has a great cafe/restaurant there to have drinks and food and is a great place to
take time out from your vintage treasure hunting ... This is where I get to
have a cuppa with friends and catch up a little.  They also sell cakes, so my husband is a happy bunny as well.

There was a queue to go in and happy faces waiting patiently to go through the doors to vintage wonderland.  I met up with the lovely Nicki of Quilterdown fame who was there to buy fabrics for the gorgeous quilts that she makes ( remember my paisley quilt?)  well we also got to have coffee catch up too which was great.

Another lovely friend was there Sally and she was with Leith and we got to
have a lovely chat and a quick catch up too.  The thing about the VB events is that it is so friendly and you see lots of people that you know and you are surrounded by vintage goodies .. its heaven!

The two pictures above were on Sue,s stall, Vintage to Victorian and can you spy this big box of monograms all in alphabetical order?  and the box of vintage threads?  Well yes ladies and gents I did go in to these and buy a few ... Well it had to be done!

Well I walked around and I took a few snaps for you to look at but they are just of things that were on offer and not of peoples stalls particularly as it was very busy and my normal way of doing things would not have worked I am afraid, people were digging in and of course buying, I do not like to
disturb buyers on treasure hunts and equally do not like to stop people looking for the stall holders sake because after all they are there to sell, this is how they make their living.  So I snapped away at bits to show you but lots of photos had bags or hands in so I have just decided to show you some of what was on offer ....

Stall holders included The Washerwoman, Daisy Darling, Le Shed, Tilly-D, Hesta Nesta, Vintage to
Victorian, Little Wren Vintage, Emma's vintage wonders, Suitably Vintage, Linda Campbell, Vintage On Sea, Pick a mix Vintage and Cowboys and Custard .....

As you can see from the pictures I have managed to take there were some wonderful things on offer to purchase and not, I think you will agree, like
your normal jumble at all.

I had a lovely morning wandering around and catching up with people and also having a truffle because this is the sort of venue where truffling is encouraged completely .. .....Have you spotted the baskets?  yes so did I but was very good I only bought one .... ah you will have to wait and see which ....

Well that is it for today, sorry this has been late today but my mum has not been well and I had to sort
some things out earlier today for her ....

Have a wonderful day and I will see you back here on Thursday ... until then Happy Stitching!  XX


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. It was a great time thank you Julie ... VB is always good and great to catch up with like minded people ...

      Sarah xxx

  2. Sorry your mum isn't well Sarah. Hope she soon feels better. Thanks for the pics. Frome is only an hour from me but I never manage to get there. It's been years! I must try harder. Sounds like it was very busy. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you .. Oh yes you should come it would be fabulous to say hi in the flesh ....
      There is one in October and the date will be on here ...

      Hope you have a great day.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Well didn't we have a luverly time Sarah! The thrill for me was meeting up with you both and my wonderful ladies and gents who go to extreme lengths to provide an incredible vintage trading experience..... sourcing isn't work here it's time out with friends who know what you're after 💕 Fun!
    So sorry to hear mum is not good at the moment I do hope she has a better day tomorrow xx Sally

    1. Thank you Sally.
      It was so good to see you and Leith.
      Hope you found lots of treasures!
      Sarah xx

  4. so sorry to hear about your mum Sarah. Take care lovely xx

  5. Thank you for a fabulous write-up for the VB once again xxx

    1. Always a pleasure! Always a great event!
      Sarah xx

  6. Hope to meet you at the Sussex fair at end of August. Xxx

    1. That would be fabulous Dawn!
      Let me know if you are going and we can meet ...

      Sarah xx