Friday 19 August 2016

Friday all ready and stitch stitch stitch!

I will not buy any more buttons
until I have used all the ones up
at home, I said to myself.
Then I laughed and laughed!

I am not really sure where the weeks are going ... days are blurring into weeks, which in turn are blurring into months ... it is unbelievable.

I have manged to get some serious stitching in but not as much as I need to be doing daily at the

Tomorrow is Saturday (of course you know that) and it is one of my most favourite vintage fairs which is the Cotswold vintage fair.  I love this yearly event and will not miss it unless I really have to.
So tomorrow it is up early and off to the fair.  I have written a little list and I honestly do not know
why I do this because I do know what is needed (not a lot right now) and I know that I will see beautiful things and they will come home with me anyway.  I so need a bigger stitchery room that I have because it is full to bursting.  I know many of you will say you have a room! lucky you but I still do have a bed in there for guests and really it could do with no bed at all and more units to put things away .... I work in there but really do need the bed on occasions, so when we move I am going to have a room which is not for anyone to sleep in but just my work room.

You know how it is with the vintage world in general if you see it that day you may never see that fabric, button or indeed object ever again.  It is not like you can order it a few months later, No if you see it then it then or not at all most of the time.

Being very fond of buttons and using them in my work always then I can not pass up beautiful buttons, then there is the fabric issue and if you see a different piece of paisley or eiderdown fabric that you have never seen before or do not have any of that type or colour in your collection then again to me its a must pick up .... do not even get me started on vintage beads and threads ...

Well I am excited to be going and looking forward to it very much indeed, meeting up with some
great people there as well and of course I will be taking photos for you all to look at next week and will report on this fabulous fair.  There is always a lovely vintage pop up tea room with cakes there and of course as you all know now my husband is fond of a cake or six so there is an element of excitement coming from him as well...

Today is about stitching and I am making headway on the Christmas sampler for publication so that is good.  There I am surrounded by stunning red fabrics and threads in the blazing heat but still I am very much enjoying this piece that I am stitching .. I have some what fallen in love with it.  As I said it is for publication but never the less it is still mine to sell or keep after it has come out and I can tell you now this is a keeper for me ... I do not think I could bare to part with it and of course the hours that it will have had spent on the stitching of it probably no one would pay that sort of money for it in any case .... I am really thrilled that this may be a new family heirloom for my future generations to pass down and will go up in our home Christmas after Christmas.

 In our farmhouse hopefully ( still looking and trying to be positive about moving this year)  I had a thought about why there is not much in the way of what we are looking for on the market and maybe its the Summer holidays and children at home.  Parents might be thinking oh no I can not have people trooping through the house when the children are at home with toys and friends as well ... this is what is keeping me positive.   Maybe in September when they go back to school the market will be flooded and we will get a few to choose from ... ever hopeful!

I really should be working on the lighthouse picture in this weather but I want to make sure the Christmas one is finished in plenty of time for the deadline then I can concentrate on the lighthouse, butterfly and the Autumn leaf one to name but a few.... I have baskets lined up in a pretty row ready to be picked up and worked on ... and I am still designing more!

Needed for me is a few extra pairs of arms so that I can stitch say three at a time ... How wonderful, except for clothes shopping  which would be a nightmare!!

This morning over my first cup of coffee of the day I was sat looking at all the leaves that I have cut out which are in a little bag and the tiny acorns that I made from needle felting and real tiny acorn cups.  I was trying to decide, when it come time for me to start stitching this project which words I am going to use on this sampler.  I have three lots that I am
considering and the trouble is that I love them all.  Even before I officially start my day with this blog and my work, I am thinking about something to do with it be it a saying, a colour thread, or an idea that popped into my head and I must write down before it disappears in to the ether ...

Anyway I must away to my stitching and packing one of my vintage baskets ready for the morning.  Tomorrow there is a great tutorial so please do not miss it ..

Have a fabulous weekend and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I too love buttons. Last year November I purchased a tin of old buttons, I sorting them but never finished, think I'll seek them out again

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Julie
    I love doing that and washing them sometimes as well is needed.
    A happy job for me too!
    Sarah xxxx

  3. Have a perfect day tomorrow at the fair. I hope you find many treasures to lift your soul. I feel that you should buy something scented for your sewing room, Sarah. Pretty scents are supposed to help our immune system and maybe that is why we feel so good after smelling a beautiful rose or lilacs. To quote the poet Edward Thomas....'To-day I think only with scents'. Lots of love. .Dawn x

  4. Thank you Dawn, I value your comments always so very up lifting.

    Sarah xxxx