Monday 22 August 2016

Beautiful Weekend ... now down to some serious stitching!

Dream Big, Give Love
Laugh often
and enjoy the little things.

I can not believe here we are and it is Monday morning, They say are summer is coming back this week, so fingers crossed.

We had a wonderful weekend and not only went to the Cotswolds fair but I got to go around Betty and Violets shop there too and we popped in very quickly on Sunday to the small Cranborne fair and there were hundreds of people there.

I will be collating the photos today for you and then I will show you tomorrow.

Today it seems is going to be a cooler day and so for me it is a serious stitching day, I am a little behind my time as I slept in this morning, what a treat! my mind and body must have needed it because I just did not wake up until 7.30 today!!

Having already sorted out what I was doing today it is just a case of getting ready to start to stitch, that is after my breakfast and coffee.  I do have a coffee on the go whilst writing this to you but I am not really very awake at all, it seems someone sprinkled me with sleepy dust!

So the order of the day is finish the Christmas sampler and then get straight on with the lighthouse one so that can be finished this week,  I have so many to do before I even begin to fill other project baskets ... The cooler day today will get me my own brownie points for productivity I think.  I need to find some ribbon later but must be very controlled with myself not to sit too long looking and getting distracted by just that, looking!!  I have some beauties and they are so pretty to just feel and look at that time just tick tocks by if you are not careful.

I have to tell you on the way to the Cotswolds on Saturday we were doing well in the weather but a tree had come down in the winds and it was not a tiny one so we ended up eventually being diverted and a bit later than we had planned.. that said no one was under the huge tree and no one was hurt so it was very lucky indeed.

I bought some beautiful treasures as well, there was a lady there and she was selling some packs of gorgeous eiderdown fabrics with some paisleys and of course I bought a pack from her, well it had to 
be done.  Met up with some great friends and had a good laugh and a great day. There were some 
gorgeous vintage treasures on offer and of course I will tell you all about the vintage cafe and the cakes as I had my chief tester with me and it was a cake kind of day!  More tomorrow as I say ...

The air show was on in Bournemouth and it was a bit hampered by the weather with disruptions it
was such a shame.  It went ahead most days just a little later but there was two live concerts on the beach and on the Friday night half was through it had to be cancelled as the sea was creeping up and they had to get all the people off of the beach, it must have been a nightmare for the organisers and frightening for the concert goers ... The Kaiser chiefs never even played their set I believe.  We were down on the beach on Friday evening to watch the evening flights with fireworks and this was around 9.15pm  we could see the sea getting very rough and the waves were huge and as we walked back my husband said I can imagine that concert you can hear is not going to last much longer .. look where the sea is!  I remember saying to
him, no it can not come up much further surely, it never comes up that far ...
Well I ate my words because as we left it was all cancelled , what a shame.  The concert on Saturday night just never took place.

As I am sat here writing this to you I can see a huge black cloud looming out there so I do not think for us today the rain is over yet, but the sun is trying its best to appear ...

Well I must away and I do apologise for being late today ... Have a good day yourself and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Yes.....Monday again, where have the days, weeks, months gone? Your weekend sounded wonderful
    Julie xxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      We had a lovely weekend tomorrows blog will show you the show.

      Where is this year going ... it's frightening!

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Yes! Looking! Me too Sarah. I also get stuck in the sorting through stage as I love to see all the fabrics in an pallette or coordinating order.x x

    1. Hi Sally

      It is a real treat to look through everything isn't it, but when you are so busy, trying to put on a business head to just go look for what you need ... well I do not have to tell you do I !!

      Hope to see you soon lovely lady.


  3. You've had a busy time Sarah and it seems everyone was at the mercy of the elements. The weather can be such a nuisance and destructive as well as dangerous but I still wouldn't swap our lovely seasons. I'm always out in all weathers with the doggies. Even when it's wet and blustery ( after I've forced myself to go) I usually enjoy it. Sunnier days are ahead it seems for a while anyway. Thank you for another interesting post. Xxx

  4. Hi Dawn

    Well the weekend stopped some traders but not us hardened vintagers who will go truffling what ever the elements.

    With doggies (if you do not have greyhounds like I did) want to go walkies whatever the weather. My darling greyhounds that we had would be all up for a walk until they got to the door and saw rain and wind ... then they would pull back and refuse to go with a look on their face that said ' what part of retired do you not understand' .. couch potatoes both of them but very loved.

    The enjoyed warm days and snowy days and crunching in the leaves days but any water .. no no no!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments, its nice to know people are reading and enjoying.

    Sarah xxxx