Wednesday 10 August 2016

My love of stitching, designing and vintage .... and my dreams of the future.

A heart without dreams is
like a bird without feathers!

My love of designing, stitching and vintage is what makes my day ... everyday I wake and realise how very lucky I am to be doing what I am doing for a living.   

As you all know my desire is to move and to be able to start workshops and I have to say I have a long list of names of people who want so badly to come on some courses with me...  We are looking
hard for our forever home and, I know, it is out there but we are not prepared to settle for something just to move.  It has to be right for us.  Right now my heart dreams of this happening this year still!
lets hope it comes off.

My stitching that I am doing at the moment ( well I have three projects on the go!) this is not for the faint hearted but I do this with books, I have two or three on the go, deciding in what mood I am in that day as to which project I feel like stitching or what book to read.  When it is full sun I pick up my
whale sampler and when it is dull it is the more Autumn/Winter ones instead, although some have to
be done to deadline so I have no choice occasionally ... Stitching though is stitching and I love it.  I am able to absorb myself in it and if I am not doing that I am talking about it on here or designing and drawing it .....

This morning I went out in the garden to fill the bird feeders and put their fresh water down and I noticed those stripy spiders appearing in their webs ( I look out for spiders as I am scared of them, can't help it .. just am) these ones though come out when Autumn is beginning and Summer is ending ..  I could not believe it is so early this year .. my heart sank a little.  Our pear tree in the garden is full and I am watching them grow and soon it will be picking time ... where has this year gone!

I have been truffling around in my stitchery room as you know for red fabrics and ideas of Winter projects but today sort of seems Autumnal to me so I have been able to settle to designs yesterday ... My sketch book is full of Summer things including birds and butterflies and flowers along with the ocean and shells and whales, so it is time to settle down to the other parts of the year for designs.

 Do not get me wrong I adore our seasons in England I look forward to Spring with all its delicate Spring flowers, Summer with the gorgeous scents of heady flowers and a hive of activity with bees, birds and butterflies... Autumn with the leaves changing colours and the acorns and scrunching leaves under foot and of course Winter with its red berries in the garden and the crackling fires and roast di Sunday dinners with long beach walks and sea treasure hunting when the beaches are empty ... but it seems to have happened too quickly this year! .. or is that just me? possibly because Summer did not arrive really until July ..

That said I have lots of designs awaiting and in a way there is less to do in the Winter months so I can settle to lots of stitchery.  This is time I fill my journals with sayings and sketches and seem to be a bit more productive sewing wise, although the light is not as good in the afternoon, I have candles to
light the corners and twinkling fairy lights as well that are up all year.

I have made a start on the Christmas/Winter picture and not only designed it and found the fabrics but all fabric parts of it are all cut out and awaiting their first tiny stitches to keep them in firmly where they should be.  I concentrated yesterday on cutting out and whilst I was at it I cut out another more Winter piece which I am not sure will be a picture or wall hanging yet but that is not important until the end  so we will see.  So whilst I was not with you yesterday I was very productive and working hard you will all be pleased to know!

But for now apart from what I have to stitch for deadlines I am still concentrating on Summer with my whale and butterfly pictures right now.

Now I must just tell you what I have bought recently and am awaiting to come through the post.  I have just bought a very old mother of pearl button and it is a sand dollar!! can you believe it, I am over the moon.  In addition to that I have bought a vintage red on cream embroidery that is not too big and the bit that I have bought quite possibly has been cut out from the rest at some point.  It is totally frayed at the edges and has a bird in the middle with a border.  I have an idea for this piece so I will photograph the both when they arrive for you to look at.  I love goodies coming through the post,
so much better than bills, don't you think.  Actually I have two pen pals and we send Happy post to one another and that is a joy too.  One friend is in America and one in Canada and I love hearing all their new and what has been happening..... We share a love of animals and nature, penmanship, romance of letter writing and wax seals.  All of us have a stationery problem in that we can not get enough! so Donna and Bekah if you are reading this today as I know that you do then you will be nodding!

As much as I love talking to you all I must away to my stitching and so have a wonderful day all and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love the seasons too. We have very large Oak tree at the back of our garden and, I just don't watch the squirrels playing chase, the birds flying in and out of its branches, but the colour if its shaped leaves changing.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Ah Julie the mighty oak! me too. I have a very tame squirrel that I feed in our garden and when I go for a walk I bring back acorns for him/her to eat as well as peanuts in the shells. Keeps busy that way!

      I have a design with acorns to stitch, I have started it in the fact that I made the acorns from needle felting but that is a work basket to pick up soon and it involves leaves .. including oak.

      How lovely to watch the squirrels play ... I would sit with a warm drink and just sit there.

      Sarah xxx

  2. I've never heard of a sand dollar so I'm looking forward to seeing one.
    Like you, I always have several projects and books on the go for whichever suits my mood. I'm sure Sarah that you could write a book about your sewing and the garden (or just compile your blog posts and add photos) in the style of The Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I have some wonderful books that you might enjoy. When I get a chance I will take photos of the covers and fb message them to you. Night night xxx

  3. Hi Dawn

    Thank you for your kind words!
    Oh the sand dollar! Oh you wait it's wonderful! Well I hope so.

    Look up sand dollar on google then you will see them. I am hoping it will be here by the weekend.
    Lovely look forward to the book recommendations . If you like them I am sure I will!

    Night Night xxxx