Tuesday 16 August 2016

Snip snip snip! ....

When the oak is felled the whole forest echoes
 with its fall, but a hundred acorns are sown
 in silence by an unnoticed breeze.

Yesterday it turned out to be a scorcher of a day in on the South Coastline and I am not complaining, the thing is though that sewing on extremely hot days (hand stitching that is) is not easy as the needle keeps slipping through your fingers with hands getting to warm.  This was happening to me by
10.00am and there is no point in trying to continue with delicate fabrics and a sharp needle.

I am very behind on my stitching as you can imagine and I did not do any over the weekend as we went out for the day to Bath on Saturday, which was wonderful and I love Bath with its impressive architecture and history  .. we even did the tourist thing and went on the bus tour to hear all the history and lots of it we really did not know about so it was well worth it.  The Royal circle is stunning and has the gravel path that Jane Austen talks about in her book Persuasion.  Also we went in the pump room and had a blood orange Bellini and the little three piece
orchestra were playing, it really was such a wonderful day.

The beautiful flower shops around there all with gorgeous floral scents as you wandered by with the hot day.  Stood on Pulteney Bridge watching the water fall it was really lovely.  Then on Sunday we were with my mum all day and that was really lovely .. I got lots of cuddles and even at my age a cuddle from your mum is not to be passed up!

So yesterday I was eager to get on.  Everything set up and ready to roll but I am afraid the hot weather stopped play.. so what do you do.  Well that was it I was slightly cross so I had to do something that made me feel I had done a good days work ... then I thought ok it is time I get my
stitching packed back in its basket, safely, and then I started to prepare, in advance, work baskets.  I cut out applique bits from fabrics for different projects for me to stitch. 

This was no mean feat either with one of the projects cutting out little acorn leaves.... at one point I am sure I had my tongue out with concentration!!  Then there were other leaves to be cut out for the design as well and it took a few hours I have to say as there were lots to cut.  When I had finished and had a pile of Autumn leaves in different fabrics I was very proud and pleased it was done.

In the end I have now sorted and cut all applique pieces for eight designs and felt the achievement and felt that my day had not been wasted and was very productive, even with the lack of a needle being involved.

The thing is that today and maybe tomorrow are going to soar in temperature so I am sort of twiddling my thumbs as to what to do next.  So I am going to tidy and sort my sewing room today and tomorrow I will design and sketch if indeed it is too hot to stitch.  I am not wishing our summer
gone by any means but need to be able to hand stitch ...   I will have so much stitching to do but only one of the eight projects is urgent ( the Christmas one) so maybe I might see if later I can sit near a fan to keep a little cool with out the breeze of it  disturbing all the components ...

Coolest place at the moment is in the car with the air con on full tilt but that is not an option .. LOL. You can see it now, mad woman in car in the drive with air conditioner at full tilt, singing to the radio and hand stitching! hmmm I think even my neighbours who know me, might feel this time I had finally flipped!

Well I am hoping today I will at least get some stitching done so I best be off before it gets too hot ..
have a wonderful day and I will leave you with a few seconds of a video I took in Bath of a very talented violinist who I watched for a while and just wanted to share a little of what I stood and watched.  He plays beautifully with background music as well... very talented indeed.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Bath is one of my favourite places. Beautiful music by the violinist. I don't cope well in too much heat but feel guilty if I grumble about it. It would be very funny to see you singing and sewing in the car....very sensible if you ask me. A friend of mine had a bean bag that split in the garden and all those tiny balls fell out so she took the hoover out and started hoovering the lawn. She did wonder what the neighbours might make of it!!!
    You're right Sarah, whatever age you are there's nothing like a cuddle from your mum. Have a good day. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you! Hoover made me laugh! Fabulous...
      It's a little cooler today as there is a little more breeze ... Still a bit behind though.
      Anyway long may our Summer continue as Winter is always so long.

      Have a great day!
      Sarah xxxx

  2. Bath is wonderful. Been many times love to go back whenever I can.

    I don't do the heat very well.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Julie
    Its one of the places that you never get tired of and the pump room is like going back in time.

    Sarah xxxx