Monday 15 August 2016

Snippets for mice and lighthouse love! ... Any Canadians reading this some tips please

“In the time of swords and periwigs and full-skirted coats with flowered lappets -
 when gentlemen wore ruffles, and gold-laced waistcoats of paduasoy and taffeta -
 there lived a tailor in Gloucester.”
Beatrix Potter ... Tailor of Gloucester.

Although I do not have a Simpkin cat to help me I felt like the tailor of Gloucester last week.  Cutting out very carefully not to waste and of the precious fabrics.  When I can get a nice length of fabric from my cutting (a little thin strip) then I use those too to tie up bundles of fabrics so really not even the mice get waistcoats poor things!

I am really loving my stitching right now with the sea, butterflies (slightly neglected because of deadlines and the nature of the butterfly one is lots more complicated ) and the Winter one and yet another Winter one! ... it is glorious really glorious.  The weather is holding and I am hoping it will for some time but I have really started to enjoy the thought of Autumn and Winter stitching .. Thank you Dawn - you inspired me so much, I am forever grateful!

I have a Autumn work basket ready and the one thing that I have already made is the acorns from needle felt.  I have cut leaves out as well and I have my design ready to stitch.  You see I have embraced it all.

Oh and I realised that I forgot to tell you all about changing my mind about the fabric that I used for
the lighthouse! oops - well I am a woman, its allowed.  And I am sure that I did not feature any of the fabrics that I chose in the end.  It was a last minute decision and I am thrilled with it ... so we shall see what we see.  I have decided to show you the fabrics that I cut out .. Its looking a bit different now that its started to be stitched in place with details but this is what I used. Ignore the background that is not what it is stitched to....
Well what do you think, I am most happy with it and the way that it is coming along with all the detail in the stitching of it.  The whale is pleased too!!

I wanted to make it a little whimsical in other words the bird fabric in the middle but it all blended perfectly and the fore mentioned fabric is very very old indeed and is beautiful and washed faded as is the bottom one.  The little tip of the lighthouse had to have a bit of red in it so I choose this one with the tiny red flowers with the white.  I do not have much of this fabric but it also features in my Winter design as well (the red and white fabric that is) ...

I was inspired with the lighthouse having seen some beauties in America when we were going along the coast line.  I took lots of photos so I was able to sketch away.  They are so beautiful along the New England and Connecticut coast line.  Rocky shore lines and seal laying in the water looking at you.  Wandering along the vast beaches and shorelines there is something else and I long to return.  Also though I would like to visit Canada very much and we have never been, this is another place where the country side and the coast is amazing.. In addition they are very much a nation of stitchery
lovers too so it would be amazing ...

If any of you are reading this blog in Canada please let me know where would be fabulous to visit for Stitching and quilting ... I would very much appreciate it.  We want to plan it and so some hints and tips would be gratefully received and you can comment on here or email me ....  thank you.

Now do you remember I told you that I bought some bits and bobs off of Etsy well the button has arrived safely and it is a vintage mother of pearl and a sand dollar.  It is big and it is beautiful and I
am thrilled with it so here it is in all its finery ..

Well what do you think? its a rare find and I am very pleased with this beauty ... This is going to be made into something special but for us to keep.

Anyway I must away to all my stitching projects, hope you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love that button, it reminds me of a new moon.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      It is beautiful isn't it, you can see on the back of it the chisel marks from hand carving and the original shell .. I love sand dollars and you may remember that I went hunting for them in America and then realised what had to be done to preserve them so ending up going to a beautiful shell shop there and buying lots to bring home! they all got here in one piece.
      This button though is a personal keeper and I will stitch it onto vintage French linen and get it framed probably with some stitched words around it ....

      Sarah xxxxx