Monday 27 April 2015

Vintage at the Village Hall .... Vintage fair in Blandford

It was a real treat yesterday for two reasons, firstly a vintage fair on a Monday!  and only 20 miles from where I live and secondly the drive to Blandford in Dorset is such a beautiful one.  I have to go via Wimborne and then through a tree lined road called Badbury Rings and the sun was shining as I drove happily along.

The fair was being held at The Corn Exchange in Blandford and the organiser of this gorgeous event is Elaine and she owns the business Ted and Bunny.  It was only £1 to get in and this beautiful venue was packed with amazing stalls ( lots of which are new to me) and also it was busily bustling with people all looking to find wonderful vintage goodies...

The Corn exchange was packed full of beautiful stalls and some very talented people who made things from various vintage materials of all kinds. I could not go in any order because of people looking at stalls so I went around in a random fashion and took photos and spoke to people getting in as many as I could.

I found this amazing stall where the lady made unusual hats.
 They were simply beautiful and were from all sorts of things.  I was very lucky as she agreed to have her photo taken in one of her hats that she was wearing.

The hat she was wearing was so pretty and in the pictures there are hats made from peacock feathers. One has a teacup on with a prop biscuit and the last one of the photos there are dolly mixtures.

Moving on there was a lady who made her own soap from goats milk and there were so many to choose from all of which were wrapped beautifully.  The scents coming from this stall were

As I was wandering around taking photos I came across this very talented lady who made some beautiful things.  Deer and fox heads, birds and so much more.
 There were ornaments for you to put around your home or lovely pins with birds or dragonfly's....

Then I found the very talented Emma from Little Wren Vintage and as always her stall was outstanding.  It always looks so beautiful and today was no exception with vintage ribbons under glass cloches and tiny vintage bottles with mop buttons inside, china and cushions, throws and vintage quilts plus beautiful lavender filled hearts and horse heads..... Plus some more of the great bags she makes for us all to fill with vintage booty!!

There was a beautiful stall with lots of such different things on display for you to buy and it was called Random!
 The lady made some beautiful jewellery as well as some china and an art deco ornament for sale.

There was so much to look at and every time you did stop and look you saw something else.... It was such a pretty stall indeed.

I found Sue and her stall Vintage to Victorian and there is always something on there to delight me and she said she had something to show me which was the most beautiful vintage pillow case with embroidery (all white work) and the words are in Italian, which
pleased me with my heritage.  I had to come away with it and it will be on our bed as an extra cushion rather that used as a pillow.  we had  a little chat and a laugh over a vintage pinny that she had on there ( you had to be there to appreciate it) then I moved on as she became extremely busy.

I found the lovely Liz and Jack that own The Washerwoman and I love this stall, there is always but always some
stunning fabrics on here for me.  Today one of the things that I found was some 1920 eiderdown fabric ... Oh my!  I am over the moon with that.  I can not understand why that was not snapped up before I got to them but it was my lucky day...

Next I spotted Tilly D stall and had a stop and chat.  The stall as always had some outstanding fabrics and vintage goodies displayed beautifully for all to see.  The temptation was endless..

There was a talented lady with her stall called Made by Swimmer and she uses vintage wool blankets and with some clever
embroidery and stitching makes some beautiful aminals out of the blankets.  There are fox faces, lions and a pillow with a greyhound on and so much more.  These are lovely and would be fabulous just in a chair amongst cushions...

Along from this table there was some beautiful lampshades covered in gorgeous vintage fabrics.  The table was full of vintage wonders to look at.

Then I found Ted and Bunny tables which was brimming with all sorts of vintage goodies.  I spotted some beautiful vintage embroidered linens and I was restrained in only buying one.
 There were some lovely ones there with embroidered pansies on and they looked almost like they had been painted on because the needlework was excellent.

Opposite Ted and Bunny was a new stall to me as well and was called Handmade and Vintage and there was so much to gaze upon. It was full of quirky things as well as haberdashery items and some fabrics.

Beyond France was there as well with a huge stall piled high with Vintage linens and treasures including some really unusual wall hangings made from vintage linens.  You could be forgiven if you were mistaken in thinking they may be cushions but upon closer inspection you could see what they were.
 I think these lined in a row behind your bed would look superb ..... They are flower shaped and plump and would decorate a wall beautifully!

You can see one of them on the bottom right of the photograph.  Being that they are cream in colour they would fit in anywhere.  I thought they were beautiful...

There were so many stalls and as I moved off I found the Hetty Green stall and next to her was Pick and Mix vintage both brimming with beautiful things to buy.

Moving around this large hall all decorated with British flags and bunting I found a delightful stall  called Win Armand Smith with china goodies, jelly moulds, vintage embroidered cloths and cutlery as well.  There was a basket of linens and I had a little root around in there and found some pretty ones that came home with me.  I have quiet a few now in a big box but they are so good to have.  You can make all sorts of things with them if you are brave enough to cut them up or you can simply display them on little tables in your home.

Then before I left I found the lovely stall that fills all sorts of objects with scented wax and makes candles out of them.  Teacups and saucers, jelly moulds, jugs and so much more,  It always smells so delicious.  Do you remember I bought a jelly mould one at the Vintage Bazaar the other week.  Well the lady that owns this business and makes all the candles was not on her stall when I bought it but I actually met her today and we had a lovely long chat.  Her stall looked and smelt divine!

So I will leave you with some pictures of this beautiful stall and I must myself away to my stitching.  Yesterday I actually did not pick up a needle so I have to play catch up today... Its not every Monday there is a scrummy vintage fair on so it had to be done!  If you would like any details from any of the businesses I have shown today then message me as I have their details.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you have enjoyed a little look around this wonderful fair.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Dear Sarah, what a great post. I loved your photos. It was nearly as good as being there! Xx

    1. Thank you Jane .... It was a great fair such a shame you could not make it! xx

  2. thanks for such a fab write up!

    1. My pleasure! .. It was such a great fair and thank you for all the hard work that goes into something like this. I can not wait for your next one!

  3. Lovely photo collages Sarah & a super write -up. xx

    1. Thank you Liz ... It is a good way of showing people what is on stalls without having too many photos singularly... I think it looks better this way and with the name of the business it protects peoples work and goods ....

      It was lovely to see you both again... see you soon xx

  4. A lovely write-up. I enjoyed visiting the Fair too!

    1. Thank you! .. I am pleased you enjoyed the fair as well. 🌺