Monday 13 April 2015

My vintage treasures ... bought at Sarah Moore's vintage Spring pop-up fair.

 I have eclectic taste. and I love vintage style mixed
 with glamour and old world charm!

As promised I thought you may like to see what I bought from Sarah Moore's Spring floral vintage fair at the weekend, and especially for a friend Sally Calve who wanted me 'to spill' as to what treasures I had sourced before she arrived!!!

Firstly I have to say the choices of fabrics were simply amazing and it was at times difficult to choose, however having said that on this occasion I did stick to my list of needs
because I have several projects that urgently need finishing and this really was on my mind for the floral I had in mind.  I found the perfect ones..  The washerwoman came up trumps for two of my fabrics and another piece was from Sarah Moore.

Also I bought some beautiful mop buttons, not carved this time but still with such beauty and elegance and with a hue
of their own in each individual one... they are perfect for adding to some stitching that I am in the middle of.

I am afraid that Vintage to Victorian tempted me once more, the lovely Sue knows my tastes now as well as I do
and she had so much for me to choose from.  I bought two stunning single vintage eiderdowns from her and they are in mint condition.  I think they will look really beautiful on the two single beds that we have, especially in the Spring... what do you think?

They are so lovely and I am grateful that she knows me this well as to direct my eye to them.  Also the naughty lady had some wonderful cream lace with roses on and a hand painted silk panel along with some vintage embroidery
threads that I bought.  Sue had a large box of these and I dived in straight away and sorted through the colours that were available.  Pinks, greens, greys, blues, purples, oranges and yellow and more!  finally after deliberation and putting them together to see what blended perfectly I came home with this little bundle!

I moved along and came across some wonderful vintage china bits. I purchased a wonderful dinner plate for my dresser and think it is the perfect vessel for a cake I make and put fresh lavenders on as decoration... It is the right size, also a great size to eat supper off of so it will be used often
.  In addition I bought the dearest little china cup and saucer and a green jug that will both be used for different projects of mine.

Then I spied some vintage seed papers and a whole book of vintage cigarette cards that were cottage garden flowers... I bought those as I like to stitch them onto fabric sometimes and this mixes medias up and makes things you stitch interesting and have texture.
 Of course this is only good for things in a picture say and not a cushion cover that would need washing.... Or you can copy them onto different papers that can be ironed on to fabrics for this purpose ... the possibilities are endless!

Having moved onwards and as I was paying for some items, something caught my eye... like a magpie seeing something shiny!!  displayed on the beautiful barn wall there it was and I could not believe my eyes or my luck.
 A framed 1821 sampler ( and you all know by now I collect them) so I tried not to run and went over to it.  It was so beautiful it had to come home with me...  I think you will agree it is a stunner!

The muted colours on there are really lovely and also with the date kindly stitched on and the name of the person who did said stitching, I was very happy indeed.  It has pictures and the ABC and 123's on it.  Some samplers are very fire and brimstone and I am not so keen but this was perfect and blends well with my other two!

My husband came running up with two large thread spools for me as he knows I am using them for wall hangings ( poor thing, I have trained him obviously too well and now he is brain washed!)

So as you can see I did very well personally and for my projects that I am working on.

I love getting the bits home and looking at it all.  Then getting the camera out for photo's.  I normally wash all the fabrics but in this instance all fabrics had been washed and pressed so I do not have that pleasure!

Well I going to have a nice warm mint tea and then I am away to my treasure trove of a stitching room to get on with all my projects.... Have a great day and as always

Happy Stitching!


  1. I felt my heart lift just looking at your beautiful buys Sarah. I especially love the two quilts. I'm so glad you had a successful day. Jane xxx

    1. Thank you Jane .... It really was a fabulous event and everyone who went, it seems, felt the same even the stall holders.

      Really worth the travel for me.

      Are you going to the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday or the Diary House on Sunday?

  2. Excited that I actually got to this special event. I don't think it was possible to come away without a feeling of deep contentment and satisfaction, every whim and craving was fulfilled in tactile voluptuousness ... topped be a venue unequaled in harmonious setting. You certainly came away with the portion that claimed you Sarah x Sally

    1. Thank you... It really was a great event and as you say every whim and craving was fulfilled....