Wednesday 8 April 2015

Plaited strips of vintage fabrics.......


verb (used with object)

to weave together strips or strands of; plait:
to braid the hair or fabric....

I have been experimenting with braiding strands of fabrics together for a project.  It is like a trial and error game to a point as these ones I need to make have to be quiet thin.  The problem lies in that the fabrics I want to use are very beautiful vintage ones and I have to tear thin strips of it, trying not to rip it or damage any.

I would like to plait thin strips together to go through fairly small holes and to then lace them up like a Victorian boot! Challenging myself almost daily with my designs, sometimes I do wonder at myself.

Having chosen some stunning vintage fabrics that blend beautifully but also stand up to their singular beauty the challenge was then on NOT to damage any fabric and have to bin it. ( can you imagine my sobs! you would hear them reverberate around the globe!)  then of course it is the plaiting of it on your own.  I had to attach it in an a very undignified manner to a door knob! making sure that I could pull at the fabric to do a very neat plait but again not tear the delicate little strips of vintage loveliness.  Having mastered a fair good fabric plait it is tying it up with a knot that will go through the holes fairly easily and not get stuck .... Oh yes I set myself some challenges ladies and gents I really do.

Its the artistic nature of me.  Ideas come and I write it all down and can actually see it finished as a project, but sometimes I have no idea what so ever on how the devil to achieve it or if its even possible. But never say never ... always but always give it a go!

Today is my husbands Birthday so I am having a day off and spending it with him in London.  We will be going out to dinner as well.

So have a wonderful day whatever you are doing and of course as always....

Happy Stitching!

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