Sunday 19 April 2015

The wonderful Vintage Bazaar ... Read all about this great vintage fair!

All the fun of the vintage fair!

I have to say that The Vintage Bazaar is one of my most favourite events in the vintage calender.  The venues for their events are always beautiful and they gather some wonderful sellers all under one roof and it is such a wonderful day.  This time it was held at The Cheese and Grain in Frome, in addition to that it was a whole weekend for vintage in this lovely town.

The people who were there all make their tables look outstanding and the followers of this event are what you might call real vintagers! so many dress for the occasion, people
who are lucky enough to own a vintage car, park them in the car park for people to walk around and look and photograph and the atmosphere is wonderful.

I was lucky enough to meet up with a lovely lady Sally and we had a bit of a show and tell over a coffee!  I brought along the little journal for her to look at and told her about what I had found out.
 We sat outside as the weather was glorious and spent an hour or so talking vintage ... bliss!( I will update you all on the journal this week)

Frome was packed and there was so much going on.  Inside the cheese and
grain The VB was in full swing, it was packed in a good way.  You could still get to the tables but people were coming and going all the day and were there for one purpose .. to buy!

There were so many beautiful stalls including the two organisers of this fabulous event The Washerwoman and Daisy Darling.... I have to say I bought something from them both!  I bought some beautiful vintage paisley from Liz ( The Washerwoman) and a stunning little vintage cotton reel with flowers made from vintage fabrics coming out of the reel .. for my stitching room for me to gaze upon! from Clare ( Daisy Darling). When I have photographed everything I will do a show and tell on here soon...

There was a beautiful stall selling scented candles, these were in all sorts of vintage forms such as teacups, jelly moulds, jars and so much more.  I succumbed here too ...

I bought the jelly mould in the picture on the left with the painted flowers on.....

I met up with the lovely Jo who runs Hesta Nesta ... Jo and I have quiet a few things in common and one of them is laughing! we actually can not help ourselves... Now Jo had sourced some
amazing fabric for me so I went to find her and her beautiful stall to collect my prize!... Beautiful vintage eiderdown fabrics tied with ribbon were coming home with me.  I have to admit we stood chatting for some time and laughing away, its good for the soul!!

Moving along I found Emma who runs Little Wren Vintage.  Emma makes those beautiful very large tote bags that I told you all about.  I had mine with me and I can tell you, you get get some serious goodies contained within those beauties.  In addition to that Emma makes outstanding cushions from vintage fabrics, linens, grain sacks and
French ticking.  I do not make cushions for myself generally as I always buy them from this very talented lady.  I actually put an order in with her for two cushions and I will be collecting them in due course.  Her table is always very beautiful and has lots of different things to tempt!  China, buttons, cushions and antique quilts and eiderdowns .....

Betty and Violet were attending this fair and this business is run by Alison.  Alison's table is always has great inspiration packs and this day was no exception...She had some wonderful lace packs and two came home with me.  This table is always so romantic looking
and smells of lavender as she makes tiny wee cushions and tailor dummies to hang in your rooms or put in your wardrobes.  They have exquisite fabrics, lace and mother of pearl buckles and buttons on with ribbons..

Now you all may remember that at the Sarah Moore vintage fair I bought some really lovely vintage embroidery threads from Sue who owns Vintage to Victorian, they are really beautiful colours that blend so well.  I had bought quiet a bunch because these things do not come along very often and it really lovely to be able to embroider onto exquisite vintage fabrics with actual vintage threads so I was very keen to find
Sue to see if she had some left at all.  To my delight she did, but not very many compared to what she had the weekend prior.  So yes you guessed it I bought a bunch more!  I am so glad that I did as later on in the day I stood talking to her and she showed me the box that they were in and there were hardly any left ...

Walking along I found Vintage Jane's stall owned by Marina and there were lots to tempt people with.  Myself and my husband were looking at the books that she had on her stall and came away with one for our collection.

There was a lovely stall that I had not seen before called Ginger Rose and they had some really beautiful things on display.  I myself bought a really lovely brooch.  It is 1950 and mother of pearl and is for my own personal collection of ever growing brooches.  I believe these are a much unused piece of jewellery.  I myself have started to wear them a great deal now...

When we left the fair and walked outside people were dancing on a little stage that had been built and the sun was shining.  You could see people everywhere dressed in vintage clothes and wandering along in the sunshine.  Plenty was going on in Frome at the weekend and it was a really lovely day.

There were lots of other stalls at The Vintage Bazaar but I just could not get in amongst the crowds to take photos of every one.

This was the first of two fairs that I attended over the weekend and tomorrow I will tell you all about the one I went to on Sunday at The Dairy House Antiques in Shaftesbury...  But for now I must get into my stitchery room and sort out all my purchases over the weekend.  Some fabrics have to be washed and pressed and things have to be carefully popped away, then it will be sitting finishing some embroidery...

Have a wonderful day and I hope you have enjoyed a little look around this wonderful vintage fair.

Happy Stitching!

Hesta Nesta 


  1. It was a good day wasn't it ... great write-up! M x

    1. It was a really great day! and it was lovely to see you again. I hope its not so long until next time. xx

  2. A fab write-up Sarah. Thank you sooooo much x

    1. Your Welcome! it really was an outstanding fair with great dealers all under one roof!.. Looking forward to May!