Thursday 16 April 2015

My latest vintage fabric parcel ..... from Pia Threads of Old in America!

I have all the fabric I need!
said no quilter or fabric addict - EVER!

I have a great supplier in America called Maria and she owns a business called Pia Threads of Old!
Oh my!

Some of her fabrics she buys and sells are out of this world and an awful lot are French believe it or not so they are well travelled by the time they reach me!  Because I am always on the look out for unusual vintage fabrics which are beautiful, one of my go to places is this lady....  And the package has arrived from her and I am not disappointed I can tell you.

Firstly it is wrapped beautifully and secondly there is always a lovely message on a little card from her and thirdly WOW! the fabric is just stunning. The washed vintage fabric is always tied with ribbon and always has a little piece of another fabric tucked in as a gift.  One such gift was such a blessing as I had been looking for some fabric for ages to finish a picture that I have been making for publication.  I could not find what I needed at all and there is was ..... a gift and I could finish my project!

This piece of fabric I have bought I hoped would be as good in person as it looked in her photo and I am not disappointed as I said.... This is a very important piece of fabric to me and a new project that I am about to start for publication....  I will show you it close up, it is washed out sort of colours, which is perfect and it really is just the best piece of fabric for the job.
 I always know what I am looking for, but being antique/vintage I never really now if it exists or not, or indeed if it were ever actually made..... So can you imagine my delight!

Isn't it really beautiful?  I am delighted as always.....

So know that I have finished my design and I have the fabric that I had in mind in my dreams, I am away to to put it all together.  I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me indeed but love the challenge of it all.  I stitch at my pace and do not ever try to rush, unpicking from delicate French linens and fabrics is not good practice and of course in the end, takes longer.

It is all about focus and going along and also enjoying every stitch.  The exciting bit is when you have say five stitches left and then the buttons to stitch into place.... you can stand back and admire the work.  Then its off to photographer for close ups and then to the framer and then back to the photographer!!  ... life here is never dull!!

I will leave you with my delightful note from Maria which made my morning.... Have a great day and as always   ...

Happy Stitching!

Thank you Maria! hugs back!


  1. Dearest Sarah, thank you so much. You have made my day & warmed my heart. I am honored that you choose to work with my textiles in some of your amazing projects. I wish you an abundance of
    wonderful things Sarah!! Xxx

    1. Maria
      Thank you! You have been my little secret for too long and others deserve to know about you and your wonderful fabrics.. So I have shared...

      I hope you get lots of business your way from our tiny island.

      Thank you once again and as always I will be looking weekly at what you have to offer....

      Kindest regards lovely lady!
      Sarah xx

  2. Sarah
    The fabrics are so beautiful....stunning!!

    1. Hi Diane
      They are aren't they. I do quiet a bit of shopping with this lovely lady....
      Hope you are well...

      Sarah x