Friday 10 April 2015

Buttonhole / Blanket Stitch. Stitch of the week! ... this is not to be missed!

Good morning

This weeks stitch of the week is the buttonhole/blanket stitch but it is brought to you by Mary Corbet.  I have shown one before over a year ago by someone else but I think this one is better.  The ease in which it is shown and also what else you can do with this simple stitch was a must, especially for people who have only just found this blog...

I thought this stitch therefore needed another airing... You can use the buttonhole stitch effectively to create filled flowers and leaves, by spacing the stitches very close together.

Look at what can be done with this simple but effective stitch.... These pictures are by Mary Corbet, needle and thread and is not my work - but I wanted to show you what can be achieved with this much looked over stitch.

So make a warm drink and settle down to watch the ever talented master at work.... Enjoy!  I myself am off to the Sarah Moore and friends fair today so I will report back to you all next week, for those of you who can not attend....

Happy Stitching!

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