Tuesday 28 April 2015

Delicate vintage French monograms ..... My latest find!

Everything is better with a monogram!

Recently I found a source for vintage French monograms! to say I am happy is an understatement.  I love using them on baby samplers (B for baby) and of course other things as well.  But baby and wedding samplers the most.

I have just take possession of my latest little bundle and they are really beautiful.  One I am very happy with as it is very unusual to say the least, and the Italian in me is thrilled! .. Bella for beautiful in Italian.

This will be simply great on a baby sampler and it is rare.  So the next baby sampler commission I get I will give them the choice of this one apposed to just a B .... 

They are lovely stitched on to a cushion cover as well.  Although I get lots of my cushions made for me by Emma
from Little Wren Vintage I do, occasionally make them for our bedroom as well.  I am in the middle of covering cushions for Lloyd loom chairs as you know.  So it is wonderful when I get our initials.

I found one on with an A and some with S and H.... So I will put those onto something for us.  Also in my stash of these lovelies I do have one similar to Bella and it simply says Baby!  So that is another one for a baby sampler to be designed.  Normally the ones I make are totally generic as people who buy them are doing their nursery or grandparents to be are buying them for that reason.  Some ask me to start them and then hand embroider a name when the baby is born.  Then it is off to the framers and is normally with them within 2 weeks of the baby being born.

So these beautiful monograms have been put away to be brought out when someone would like a sampler made for the nursery...

I hope you have enjoyed your little peek at them.  I am off now to my stitching room to put them away and to get on with some sorting out and then some stitching is in order....  This week is going fast and I have lots to finish off.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!


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    1. Thank you Jane.... They are lovely I am very pleased with them. I few projects will get adorned with these.xx