Monday 20 April 2015

The Dairy House Antiques Vintage Fair ... Shaftesbury

Back to Back Vintage fair weekend .... Splendid!

It was a very busy weekend as far as Vintage Fairs were concerned.  After the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday in Frome it was off to The Dairy House Antiques shop in the village of  Semley , Shaftesbury who were hosting their annual Vintage fair as well has opening the shop which is vast.  This amazing building was actually a Dairy House ( clue is in the name!) and it goes over several floors with little alcoves and stairs plus a coffee shop inside which sells some wonderful cakes.

Also inside by the desk and till is a roaring log burner and that is very welcome on a cold day!

Beyond France Ltd
lovely stall....    set up under the Dairy House sign.  This lady sells French linens and grain sacks and all sorts of wonderful vintage goodies..

The stalls had been set out outside in white marquees and there were tables and chairs in the middle with flowers on the tables.
 For the purpose of the fair they had set up their coffee shop outside and were selling teas and coffees and soft drinks, delicious cakes and quiches as well.  This was all served on vintage plates and teacups and saucers and sat in the sun with the marquees around was very pleasant indeed.

There was temptation inside and out and some stunning fabrics on offer as well.

To my amazement Emma from Little Wren Vintage was there and had set up a wonderful stall
( she had been in Frome at the VB the day before) but there was totally different stock and I just had to bring home one of her wonderful cushions for my collection!

There were a few people who had been at the VB and it was a very busy weekend for them as it was back to back fairs and changing stock over for both events.  One such stall Ted and Bunny ( who were at the VB but I could not get to take photos of the stall there as it was so busy)  Elaine who is the owner of this business had changed her stock around as well but had brought with her the most wonderful 1939 wall paper sample book! Ted and Bunny on Facebook if you are interested in purchasing this wonderful rare item...
 I had caught a glimpse of it on the Saturday but could not get to look at it properly.  However on Sunday I did.  It is simply stunning.  The wallpapers are so beautiful.  It is for sale and you can find

Elaine had some beautiful vintage eiderdown fabrics on her stall and I had to bring home some of that for my ever growing paisley collection and I also made some other purchases from her as well.  Elaine runs the Vintage at the Village Hall fairs and her next one is in Blandford, Dorset at The Corn Exchange on Monday 27th April... If you take a look at the picture on the right you will see a little glimpse of the wall paper sample book (top right picture) ....

Then I spied the lovely stall of Tilly D The fabrics that were there to purchase were delicious floral's and I believe I am correct in saying that my beautiful tote bag made by Emma, that the fabric was purchased from Tilly D and used in the making of some beautiful bags.

The floral vintage fabrics were so beautiful that a bee had settled on a piece of fabric and was trying very hard to extract some pollen!!

In addition to some wonderful fabrics, there was a little something that caught my eye.  It was a hand embroidered little bag for stockings.  Inside were some wonderful sheer vintage stockings unused and still in their packets... It was really a beautiful thing.

There were several vintage garden displays with all sorts of wonders dotted around the tables and chairs.  A small chair with a cushion on, buckets other vintage beauties.  The setting out and the displays were very pretty..

There was so much to look at I had not even been inside yet!

Walking along and there was the lovely Liz and Jack who have the business The Washerwoman there is always some wonderful treasures on their stall.  Beautiful French fabrics and vintage shoes, buttons and hand vintage stamps and so much more.  It is like stumbling across a treasure chest of goodies!

If you are going to the Blandford fair next Monday you will be lucky enough to see this wonderful business there....

There was a stall there and I had never before come across called the old pill FACTORY and they had some amazing eiderdowns for sale ( which I resisted as I have quiet a few!)
 They have a shop as well of the same name and can be found at 53 High Street, Whitney, OX28 6JA.  If you are near this wonderful shop then I recommend that you go and take a look as if the stock brought to this vintage fair is anything to go by then it will be an Aladdin's cave of goodies!

We sat in the sun for a while and had a warm drink and some cake (well it would have been rude not too!)

Then it was time to go inside!  I knew that Vintage to Victorian was in there as Sue who runs that business has a permanent stand inside so she was selling in there..  I went along to find her.  Sue had set up some of her fluid stock( that she
takes to shows) as well as had all of her goodies on show in her space inside.  She shares that with another lady and their room inside looks wonderful and inviting!

There are quilts, eiderdowns, Welsh blankets, stitchery, threads, buttons and even a croquet set was there that was part of the other ladies stock...

The sun was coming through the window and it was warm and inviting inside....

I also had the very good fortune to meet for the first time Christine who owns The Sea Garden ( she also writes a blog called Mermaids Tale).  Christine had come all the way from Cornwall and was there hunting down vintage goodies to take away with her,  She is such a lovely lady and it was a pleasure to have a chat.

There is so much to look at and see inside the walls of Dairy House Antiques and has everything from furniture to tiny glass perfume bottles to vintage garden bits..  Everyone who has some space inside makes there displays beautiful and inviting....

We actually bought a piece of furniture inside and will be picking it up later in the week as well as I spied 6 soup bowls and plates with handles on the side.  They are floral and a duck egg colour.  They really are beautiful.  There is a tiny chip on three of them but nothing that takes away the beauty or the functionality of them.....  Next winter they will be full of steaming homemade soup!

It really was a wonderful vintage fair and do not forget that the Diary House is an antique shop in its own right.  You can find them on Station Road, Semley, Shaftsbury.  You can also find them on Facebook for opening times....

The Dairy House Antiques

Well today I have a little more sorting to do and I must get on with some of my projects that I have on the go.  There is some stitching to complete as well as some cutting out to finish so It is a very busy day for me.  I am off to another vintage fair on Sunday. Vintage at the Village in Somerset.  Sunday 26th April at 10am.  Puriton Village Hall, Puriton, Somerset TA7 8AF.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Another lovely post - wasn't it a blissful setting for a textile fair! x

    1. It was! sitting in the sunshine with a coffee and cake and fabric surrounding us.... like a dream come true! x

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