Monday 6 April 2015

Easter Monday and all is going well......

Busy, Busy, Busy ... but enjoyable.

Good Morning All..

Well I have been very industrious and my sewing room has some sort of order.  I am loving those clear very useful clip boxes.... As I am making inspiration packs I am able to place them in one of those and label the box.  I have become very organised!! gosh..

I am also sorting through buttons today and making up packs of those to sell ( ones that I no longer need)  If I have a few of a particular vintage mother of pearl button, I only use so many in my work as it is bespoke and I like each piece to be different...  It is hard to do this as I do love buttons but enough is enough.
 I have kept ones that I need to use in the future and ones I would like personally as well.  There are others that will go into inspiration packs and be used by someone else and then be seen not stuck in a box or drawer ( this would be criminal) so it is time to let go of some.  This also make room for more yet to purchase ( you see there is method in my madness!!)...

So I am away to continue to be industrious and hopefully a little later I will be able to curl in my arm chair with some hand stitching and a few of the above chocolate eggs for company ... oh and a cheeky glass of wine...

Happy Stitching!

drool time!

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